WOK question database has now reached 350000 multiple choice questions

"All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work."
Calvin Coolidge. 
WOK Community is growing by the day with WOKers joining in the Knowledge Network to enjoy Wikipedia in a new way.

With social media and quiz put into the mix. Enhancing the Wikipedia encyclopedia with multiple choice questions is made by the community of WOKers in the apps WikiMaster, WikiFlip and Quiz King.

During development of WOK we had tagged 15000 questions to Wikipedia articles in english but never imported them into the database of WOK. This "lost questions" is now found and imported and will now be to the benefit of all WOKers. The sum of questions in WOK have now surpassed 350000 (!). The questions recently imported are in english and in the Main Categories of :
Arts & Culture
Entertainment & Music
Games & Toys
People & Society
Religion & Spirituality
Sports & Fitness
Travel & Geography
Film & Movies

Keep playing! We in the community keep develop WOK together!