About WOKcraft

What is WOK?

WOK is an abbreviation of World of Knowledge. It combines Wikipedia with quizzes into the Knowledge Network WOK. WOK is the Gamification of Wikipedia. Or Facebook for Knowledge. 
In the mobile app WikiMaster, every Wikipedia article has a quiz related. For academic studies. Or for trivia fun. 

All multiple-choice questions are created by the community WOK so anyone can learn and check they actually learned anything by taking a quiz. 
WOK has update developed 3 apps in the ecosystem of Knowledge Network WOK: WikiMaster, WikiFlip, and Quiz King.

Behind the WOK project is the company WOKcraft, founded by Erik Bolinder. 

"WOK is the center for people who love trivia games and multiple choice questions for fun and for educational purpose. The aim of WOK is to create all questions to all wikipedia articles by the WOKers turning learning into a game. Its a very academic project indeed since we will enhance Wikipedia usefulness like Steve Jobs enhanced the mobile phone into the smartphone. Putting quiz on top of Wikipedia is creating the Knowledge Network WOK. The most useful social media in the World of Learning. Gamification of Wikipedia or Facebook for Knowledge.  "

Erik Bolinder, founder of WOKcraft

Play and earn WOKbits

When you take a quiz or play a challenge in WikiMaster, flip images in WikiFlip or play quiz battles in Quiz King on your mobile phone you play and earn points called WOKbits (Wb). There is also another way to earn WOKbits except for knowing the answers to the questions in WOK: Or if you help WOK be a better system by adding tags and/or add an image to a question attaching it to relevant subjects that will be useful for hook it to Wikipedia articles, you will earn WOKbits.

All efforts to learn and to help WOK and the WOKers to learn more through multiple choice questions will be awarded in the ecosystem of quizzes that is WOK.

Play as you go with WikiMaster

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WikiMaster in the web browser - Wikipedia for Students

The main functionality in the WOK project is adding Quizzes to Wikipedia articles. In a web browser, you can find the www.wok.uno. In this site, Wikipedia is to your disposal with the additional add-on by adding over a half million multiple-choice questions on top of the articles, produced by the WOK Community. It's like adding milk to coffee. The flavor is still coffee (Wikipedia) but black coffee is now added with milk (gamification). You can enjoy the quizzes to test any knowledge in any Wikipedia article anonymously or by login and be part of the Knowledge Network WOK. 

WikiMaster - the best mobile Wikipedia App for Android and iOS

In the app WikiMaster, you can take quizzes related to Wikipedia articles. Find a subject, read about it and learn from Wikipedia and then click "Take Quiz" to see what information is stuck in your head. When users in WOK, (the WOKers) tag a question, this tag will be added to the wiki article. Example: "What year was Albert Einstein born? Tag: Albert Einstein: Go to WikiMaster: Search for Albert Einstein, read about him. Then: Take the quiz and this question and all other questions in WOK with tag "Albert Einstein" will come up with a quiz. In this sense WOK adds a very useful layer to Wikipedia, creating the Knowledge Network. Help us tag and create something even better than Wikipedia! Today we are already one of the largest databases in the world as of our knowledge of multiple-choice questions surpassing half a million questions in 2019. And growing day by day. See more in www.wikimaster.com

WikiFlip flips the images from Wikipedia with a multiple-choice question in any wiki article. 

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WikiFlip is a sibling to WikiMaster and focusing only on the now 185000 MCQ that have an image attached. It's like putting a brain on Instagram. 

Play quiz battles with a WOKer in Quiz King

In the iOS app/ Android Quiz King, you play quiz games with another WOKer or any Facebook friends. Each battle lasts 5 rounds, each round with 4 multiple choice questions from the WOK database. Both players answer the same questions on time until a winner is crowned in each quiz battle. See more in www.quizking.org.


WOKcraft was founded in early 2013 by the Swedish web entrepreneur and game creator Erik Bolinder. The beta version of the company's online social network system, www.wokcraft.com, was launched on August 31, 2013, on the day of 150 years Anniversary of the great-grandfather Erik August Bolinder. See more about the background in Our Story in Timeline

Today WikiMaster and WikiFlip are available in AppStore and Google Play Store. And in some countries Quiz King. The company is WOKcraft Inc.


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WOKbits earned after a challenge in WikiMaster 

Isa vs Kalki 20170703 173807
Head to Head graphical comparison after a challenge in WikiMaster.

WOKcraft apps have received Great Reviews in Google Playstore 

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The grades vary and have improved over time since we release better and better versions of the apps. 
When you work hard day after day with love, tender, and care and add endless grit and a great vision to change the world to be a better place, you sometimes have the grace to be awarded appreciation from the users. We have been fortunate to have had great reviews from the users on Google PlayStore for the apps we have produced and launched in the WOK Ecosystem of Quiz apps. If you find our apps or system good or bad (!), please let us know so we can improve. We work with speed to fix bugs, implement new great things that will improve the life for Students around the globe and feel part of the Wikipedia Movement albeit we have no affiliation with the Wikipedia Foundation

For more information about WOK and WikiMaster; contact erik.bolinder@wokcraft.com