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Here you can find answers to most of your WOK related questions. We are continuously adding more questions, and encourage you to submit your own question if you miss something. Please note the general FAQs here about WOK and that each app has separate FAQs with specific details about that app. All apps are within the WOK ecosystem with the same login credentials and you can jump in between the apps. From WikiFlip or Quiz King to WikiMaster when you want to know more and on other places. So WOK is an ecosystem of apps. WOK is the Knowledge Network. Welcome! Note that you can go to the web version at www.wok.uno without downloading any app and work from a Desktop Computer.

Of course, you need to have a question in your question.
You need to include a valid email with your question, so that we may contact you for further information.

1- What is WOKcraft?

WOKcraft logo tagline 141208

WOK is an online social network for quizzes.

WOK is short for World Of Knowledge. WOK is a social online learning network and a large ecosystem for questions about facts that have apps for playing quiz games, quiz battles and take and create multiple choice questions and quizzes on any subject. The Knowledge Network WOK. All questions in WOK are tagged to Wikipedia articles and later put into personal quizzes on any subject to extend the usage of the encyclopedia into enhanced academic value. The users are called WOKers and they all collect WOKbits through the ecosystem of WOK. WOKcraft is the name of the company behind WOK. (See also the Foundation at www.wok.ac)

2- What is a WOKer?

WOK DD T Q G F 161008

A WOKer is a registered user of WOK

Every member in WOK that signs up to WOK; World of Knowledge through any apps in AppStore or Google Play produced by WOKcraft or arriving in WOK from third-party API related source to enjoy Wikipedia at large and/ or to play quiz related to Wikipedia in WOK is a WOKer.

The work we collectively do as WOKers in the WOK community is to improve WOK multiple choice question system on top of Wikipedia for the general good by all WOKers by

1) play quiz battles, challenges or flips. It will result in better statistics over time to separate easy questions from hard. 
2) add tags to get relevant questions in the Wikipedia articles that you would expect the questions to belong,
3) create new questions to get good quizzes in all Wikipedia articles or to put them in Personal Quiz related to a textbook, a class or any related subject that can be targeted to a specific group or interest.  
4) alert quality issues in questions to get correct and well-spelled questions that are interesting, not duplicated and vary to different target groups.  
5) add images to questions to get the apps WikiMaster, Quiz King and WikiFlip more fun and illustrated and to
5b) put questions into the right Main Category in order for Quiz King to be better but also to see the overview in Profile of WOKers interest and preferences when you want to play with someone who shares the same kind of curiosity.

After beeing a WOKer for a while we trust the WOKers with more ability to help the community: After 40000 WOkbits earned a WOKer is also allowed to 
6) remove tags to avoid questions not belonging to the related subject or wiki article that for some reasons have been put there by mistake. This cleaning is important to the benefit for all wokers

A WOKer is a registered user of WOK. A SuperWOKer (SW) is a registered WOKer with more abilities than a normal WOKer: A SW is an Administrator that has an added functionality as a WOKer due to proved service to the community as a WOKer. A SW can except above also; 
7) Upgrade questions to Quiz King app. For a question to be upgraded to class A in Quiz King: Less than 105-110 characters: broad in the trivia sense, excluding NOT-related questions to mention a few. Basically, The SW overview the input of question and alert to the creator and if necessary correct errors directly. SuperWOKers activity os mentioned in Notifications in WikiMaster. WOK needs more SuperWOKer in many languages since we grow in size. Please apply if interested in a supporting the project. If you have participated in Wikipedia as a contributor: We think you are excellent for WOK as a SuperWOKer.

Some wokers use WOK as a fact source by the fact WikiMAster is an excellent Wikipedia app by all means even without any Quiz related. (Facters).
Some wokers are main contributors and see the natural red line between Wikipedia and WOK and realize that the marginal effect on good multiple choice questions on top of the most read articles on Wikipedia in order for the world's students to learn more easy about anything school related is far much higher than adding another marginal article on top of the already existing Wikipedia articles. We call them Wikipedians. 
The majority of WOKers are trivia lovers who see WOK apps as excellent and fun choices as quiz apps in the trivia sector of AppStore and Google Play for fun use to learn and to get "Time spend" as "Time Well Spent" on their smartphones. We call them gamers. 
A small group of the wokers is addicts and they strive to be in the top of the Scoreboard as Wikimaster in the World, country, city or in the articles. We call them Addicts. 
WOK DD WOKtypes 161007
In WOK you can follow another WOKer and this WOker will be "WOKers you follow" or "Added WOKer" or +WOKers. You can compare any WOKer score and see the total WOKbits in Scoreboard in WikiMAster app or Quiz King app. In all apps you can see the WOKbits in Profile.

Earlier from project WOK: You could join from the web project in earlier versions of web service in www.wokcraft.com and the apps WOKquiz and WOKwiki iOS app and the WOKbattle apps, all projects for iOS and Google Play. These users in WOK are still called a "WOKer" or wokers and can login to WOK in the existing apps, albeit no longer support of abandoned apps.  

3- How can you be a WOKer?

IMG 7094

You can enter WOK in any part of WOK for free

WOKers can enter WOK and sign up for FREE without any purchase cost or hidden fee by:

  1. WikiMaster app that has a quiz to Wikipedia articles in Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. WikiFlip app to flip images from Wikipedia in Google Play and AppStore 
  3. Quiz King, the quiz trivia game in AppStore and in Google Play Store making it fun to challenge your friends by taking approved questions made in WOK by the WOKers and bet on the questions to hedge the score. (see www.quizking.org
  4. Earlier apps and web system from WOK, now abandoned and added to the learning curve.

    Some WOK apps are not open in all countries. 

4- How does my WOKbits work?

QK7 Screen 3 Scoreboard 140912

WOKbits works in all WOK apps and on the web.

WOKbits is the awards for your efforts in World of Knowledge Ecosystem. All WOKers get WOKbits (Wb) when they achieve to answer correct answers in multiple choice questions and help to improve the questions by adding new questions and quizzes, edit and improve existing questions by tags, add images from Wikimedia Commons and report errors of any kind by the alert system in WOK ecosystem of app and web. 

So a WOKer will get WOKbits depending on their efforts. It works basically like flying miles on an airline system. It can be converted into some other currency at special occasions

When you answer a question you get WOkbits for the correct answer. Not only will you get WOKbits for correct, you will get more WOKbits if you answer fast and correct than your opponent in quiz game Quiz King who answer slower but still correct. Check how WOKbits works in detail here

If you don't care about WOKbits and does not want to display your results in public: Don't worry: You can use an acronym for your name in Settings or Hide the results totally. Or you can use WikiMaster not even register as a WOKer. Some of us WOKers like it that way. All knowledge lovers are welcome to WOK. With or without Scoreboard. For most of us; It's really nice to see and compare with friends (=Added WOKers) to follow and see how you do in your city, country and in the WOKworld. 

5- How to add tags to the WOK questions and put quiz on top of Wikipedia in the WikiMaster app

5- How to add tags to the WOK questions and put quiz on top of Wikipedia in the WikiMaster app


The tags in WOK are keywords that connect all multiple choice questions in the database of WOK to Wikipedia articles, related to the question. Synonyms are wikis, Wikipedia articles, articles, tags, keywords and on few occasions hashtags. 

A new tag is always a Wikipedia article. Some old tags remain from the beginning of the project that was not correct Wikipedia articles. These tags are cleaned by the WOKers on daily basis but can still pop up occasionally. The same goes for Wikipedia articles that have moved and changed names. They are normally redirected by the Wikipedia API that WOK cooperates with. An example is "USA" and "United States" that has a lot of tags in WOK but are one Wikipedia articles but has different WOKers playing them. 

IMG 7098WM7 wiki United States 180327

Basically: WOK database of questions cooperate with Wikipedia articles. WOK users, the wokers, can see both the Wikipedia articles and the questions related. Wikipedia users cannot yet, see the WOK questions in Wikipedia, making the app WikiMaster a splendid choice for using Wikipedia since it is Wikipedia + Quiz.  Everything in Wikipedia is in WikiMaster. But not all of WOK is in Wikipedia. We have great hope Wikipedia and WOK project can interact even further in the future. Check our API that Wikipedia will implement.

Would you like Wikipedia in color or stick with the original in black and white? Download WikiMaster here. It's free

To add tags you need to think in the context of which the question would fit. Please read the guideline on how to tag questions to WOK. 

The registered users of WOKcraft, the WOKers are creating the questions in WOK. Just like the crowdsourced content of Wikipedia is maintained by the users of Wikipedia, the WOKers are making the efforts of controlling and maintaining the quality of WOK so the questions in WOKcraft ecosystem is maintained for the general benefit of all users of WOK. For trivia fun and for knowledge learning purpose. When you have answered a question in any of the WOK mobile apps or when you create a question in WOK: You can add more relevant keywords to the questions. These keywords/ tags are equal to Wikipedia articles and will determine to which Wikipedia article the questions will end up to in a quiz that can be taken in WikiMaster or flip images in WikiFlip

/// Last edit 2018-03-26

More tips on how to Create Questions in WOK:
See also more in Guideline on how to Create Questions for Wikipedia 
And The fun of adding tags



6- How can you download the iOS apps for quiz from WOKcraft?

6- How can you download the iOS apps for quiz from WOKcraft?
QK7 screen iTunes download 141208

Download WOKcraft apps from Apple AppStore on your iPhone or iPad and from Google Play Store for your Android device

At the moment WOKcraft has developed 3 mobile apps iOS in Appstore and for Android in Google Play Store in the WOK Knowledge Network ecosystem: Search most easy for WOKcraft on your device store as the company behind WOK is publishing apps is WOKcraft Inc. 

  1. Quiz King iOS and Android app for quiz battles (can be downloaded from iTunes here)
  2. WikiMaster iOS and Android app for quizzes related to Wikipedia articles.
  3. WikiFlip for iOS and Google Play

Stay tuned for more apps from World of Knowledge. 

Note: From Jan 15, 2017: The main app WOKwiki was changed the name to WikiMaster . 
If you have WOKwiki in AppStore: Address link is changed: 
Download WikiMaster at #appStore https://goo.gl/RtPrhQ
and from Google Play (same link as before)  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.wiki

PS. Some apps are not availible in all countries. DS. 

A full list of the links to download: 
Google Play
Quiz King: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.quizking
WikiMaster (former WOKwiki) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.wiki
WikiFlip: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wok.wikiflip

WikiMaster in AppStore

WikiMaster in Google Play

WikiFlip in AppStore

WikiFlip in Google Play

Quiz King in AppStore

Quiz King in Google Play

Arabic version of Quiz King
 ملك المعرفة

Search most easy for WOKcraft as the company behind WOK is publishing apps is WOKcraft. Then you see what available apps there is in AppStore in your area. At the moment there are a few apps in Appstore and Google play store from WOkcraft working in the WOK ecosystem.

7- What is WikiMaster?

7- What is WikiMaster?
WM splash screen 750 170116

WikiMaster is an app from WOK that have multiple choice questions to wikipedia articles

WikiMaster is the main app in the ecosystem of WOK:  World of Knowledge, the online Knowledge Network for quiz. In the app WikiMaster you can search in Wikipedia like in any other Wikipedia app. 

In WikiMaster: WOK just added the extra fun: The quizzes! When you want to check that you know something, a quiz related to the articles with multiple choice questions will appear. The questions is made by the WOKers, the community members of World of Knowledge, WOK. Its the WOKers that adds, edit and take questions related to wikipedia as a community. If Wikipedia is the Nr 1 on Internet: WikiMaster add the cream on Top.  

WikiMaster. The best thing that happend to Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia. Check out more on www.wikimaster.com  

8- What happens to the questions that are created by the users in WOKcraft?

QK7 screeen CQ9h 140910

Questions in WOK become classified with a class B at first

When a question is put in to WOK by a WOKer (user in WOK) 

    1. using the Create Question function in app WikiMaster
    2. using the Create Question function in app Quiz King 
    3. using the link from WikiFlip in Settings leading to Create Question in WikiMaster 
    4. ---> Questions is classified as "Class B". 
      Questions in WOK with class B is seen in WikiMaster and WikiFlip but not seen in Quiz King.
      Questions that have been approved by an administrator / experienced and trusted WOKer , called SuperWOKer is upgraded to class A. Class A questions is visable in Quiz King, WikiMMaster and WikiFlip. 
      So for Quiz King questions need to be approved and upgraded to class A.  Class B , Class C and Class D or Class E is not displayed for users playing Quiz King. 
      Class C is "Alerted questions" that are reported to be wrong for any reason by any WOKer in any apps.
    Class D question is "unpublished questions". This means the question is not finished by the WOKer who created them for any reason. Maybe the user wants to create many questions and put them into a quiz before publishing them. In the future there will be functionality in WOK that will have even more use for unpublished questions that are still valid and correct, but not yet published. An administrator can also change the question into class D if it is for example controversial, inappropriate or does not make sense. 
    Class E is questions that are approved but not suitable for Quiz King. Either the question is to granular and not regarded as General Knowledge and unsuitable for Quiz King more light format but still regarded as relevant to a specific Wikipedia article in a particular subject (or many). Or the question is to long in terms of characters. Limit is set to 105-107 characters in the question and 50 for the alternatives. Or it is a question with a NOT factor being the correct answer.
    If any of these there (3) criteria is met ; To narrow for the General Knowledge, Long and NOT but still good relevant questions: They are accepted and kept in WOK for WikiMaster and WikiFlip use as Class E. 
    This destinction means that Quiz King could be regarded as "a pub quiz app" and the other is apart from being fun apps more academic in their approach and accept more complicated and granular questions and subjects in the mission for WOK to cover all subjects. If any WOKer feel the questions is wrongly classified: It is of course not an exact science. But these are the guidlines for WOK classification. 

    Class A: 105 characters in Question, 50 characters in Alternatives. With or without images. Broad knowledge and never an answer that is to be elimnated. 
    Class B: Entered by WOKer and not reviewed by a SuperWOKer. Visable in WikiMaster. And in WikiFlip if image is added. 
    Class C: Alerted question. Question reported by a WOKer for any reason. Creator/ Owner has 72 hours before question is transfered to Alerter to be edited. Removed from WikiMaster and WikiFlip, but not yet from Quiz King during active play (One WOKer have playted a round waiting for opponent to play) . No new rounds in Quiz King will have the alerted question in new rounds while class C. 
    Class D: Draft or a question that obviusly have no meaning. 
    Class E: Questions that are good but not suitable for upgrade to A due to lenght, to granular for general knowledge, or have a NOT in the Question. 

    Questions can be added in many languages. 

9- Who is approvning the questions in WOK?

WOK screen approveQ 141208

The experianced WOKers - SuperWOKers.

The experianced WOKers are called SuperWOKers (SW). They are approving questions in World of Knowledge. They upgrade the input questions to be class A for beeing availible at random in Quiz King games. This is the short answer. But there is a more sophisticated and longer answer to. 

The idea of WOK is to create the equivalent version of multiple choice questions linked to Wikipedia adding a irresistible layer to the articles created by users by having the same collaborative forces joining in and create the questions just as mankind jointly made the online encyclopedia. Working together hand in hand with Wikipedia, WOK aims to have the same administrators/ ambassadors to make and create and enhance quality and fact control in the questions just as Wikipedia have in the articles.

To have this in the long term  is easy. In the beginning of WOK we have appointed a few administrators approving questions entered the database by users throughout a backend system, the SuperWOKers. So this administrators are approving the questions as of 2017. We need more of WOKers approving. Please apply if you interested to join and add questions and approve questions made by others! If ytou are one of the about 76000 ambassadors for WIkipedia or want to join in the project: support@wokcraft.com

We also need many more languages! As of January 2017 WOK have approx 300000 questions in english and 20000 in arabic, 11000 in swedish and about 4000 in french.

Most of them is tagged or upgraded to class A. The questions we have is good in quality but are to be put into quizzes, tagged for WikiMaster and to be added with learning links. To be "flavored". We are now running at a good pace in this work. Any question in German, Spanish, french, russian and portugeise is able to be entered into WOK apart from English, arabic and swedish. 

Once a question is controlled by an administrator or SuperWOKers as we call them and validated in language, fact control in answers and alternatives: The question is classified as A-class. When we have a question as A-class: It is visible and are randomly displayed in Quiz King games in the rounds when you play.

WMA Screen SW sw person 170116

Example on logfile for a question upgraded and cleaned by a SuperWOKer. 
-Wrong question to 4 good alternatives (utrikesminister-> vice statsminister): 
-Tags added to connect to Swedish wikipedia articles. 
-Image updated top match question 
= WOK added one good question to its database for all future WOKers playing and learning. 

10- How do I make quizzes of my created questions ?

10- How do I make quizzes of my created questions ?
WMA Screen SW sw person 170116

Create quiz in WikiMaster app

When you create questions in WikiMaster or Quiz King, the questions is saved to your WOK account. You are the owner of the questions created by you and you are the only one that can edit them. Unless someone Alert them and you dont correct or respond to the alert within 72 hours and the questions is no longer yours in sense of ownership. You can check them, edit and put them into personal quizzes in WikiMaster app. Other WOKers can add image to your questions and add wiki tags to connect to relavant questions. 

Quiz King is designed to be a social quiz game to play quizbattles and with your friends with questions. You can create a question in Quiz King, but the app has no admin for your questions once its created. You need to download WikiMaster for this. In WikiFlip app you can not create questions (flips) but you can easily clic Create in Settings and jump to WikiMaster and create a Question in WOK there. 

The main app WikiMaster is designed to take quizzes related to Wikipedia articles and to create quizzes. WikiFlip is not designed for this, but is easy connected to WikiMaster. 
(Earlier a former app WOKquiz was designed to take, make, create and edit questions and quizzes online and offline but that app is no longer in WOK ecosystem. )