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WOKcraft Inc is the company behind all World of Knowledge- WOK related apps, web content, questions and web services.
The core team around WOK is determined to create the Knowledge Network in collaboration with all wokers that create the content together. 
We have a clear vision of how to move forward. In a World that has all the reasons to be optimistic about the future: Please join our journey by becoming a woker!

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Erik Bolinder, Founder of World of Knowledge.
WOK team GK 61A 141024
Part of the team creating WOK from the Office in Cairo

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In the crossroad of gamification and the mobile revolution, education has been a bit slow in choosing its direction. WOK is the answer for the future. 

World of Knowledge numbers for successful 2017

2017. A great year for WOK indeed. Please read the article in our Journal

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More indepth about the WOK project:
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