5- How to add tags to the WOK questions and put quiz on top of Wikipedia in the WikiMaster app


The tags in WOK are keywords that connect all multiple choice questions in the database of WOK to Wikipedia articles, related to the question. Synonyms are wikis, Wikipedia articles, articles, tags, keywords and on few occasions hashtags. 

A new tag is always a Wikipedia article. Some old tags remain from the beginning of the project that was not correct Wikipedia articles. These tags are cleaned by the WOKers on daily basis but can still pop up occasionally. The same goes for Wikipedia articles that have moved and changed names. They are normally redirected by the Wikipedia API that WOK cooperates with. An example is "USA" and "United States" that has a lot of tags in WOK but are one Wikipedia articles but has different WOKers playing them. 

IMG 7098WM7 wiki United States 180327

Basically: WOK database of questions cooperate with Wikipedia articles. WOK users, the wokers, can see both the Wikipedia articles and the questions related. Wikipedia users cannot yet, see the WOK questions in Wikipedia, making the app WikiMaster a splendid choice for using Wikipedia since it is Wikipedia + Quiz.  Everything in Wikipedia is in WikiMaster. But not all of WOK is in Wikipedia. We have great hope Wikipedia and WOK project can interact even further in the future. Check our API that Wikipedia will implement.

Would you like Wikipedia in color or stick with the original in black and white? Download WikiMaster here. It's free

To add tags you need to think in the context of which the question would fit. Please read the guideline on how to tag questions to WOK. 

The registered users of WOKcraft, the WOKers are creating the questions in WOK. Just like the crowdsourced content of Wikipedia is maintained by the users of Wikipedia, the WOKers are making the efforts of controlling and maintaining the quality of WOK so the questions in WOKcraft ecosystem is maintained for the general benefit of all users of WOK. For trivia fun and for knowledge learning purpose. When you have answered a question in any of the WOK mobile apps or when you create a question in WOK: You can add more relevant keywords to the questions. These keywords/ tags are equal to Wikipedia articles and will determine to which Wikipedia article the questions will end up to in a quiz that can be taken in WikiMaster or flip images in WikiFlip

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