Happy Birthday WikiMaster in Google Play!

On Jan 15, 2017 WOKwiki app celebrated a first succesful year in Google Play and Appstore. On the first birthday; WOKwiki changed its name in Google Play to WikiMaster and was upgraded to new version 3.09. Goodbye WOKwiki: Welcome WikiMaster! For Google Play WOKers, the link in Google Play for Wikimaster is still the same so you will just find Wikimaster at the same place as before. 
It will take some time for Google the Search result. 
WWA GP screen 4point5 in review 170115

For iOS WOKers in iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro : 
WikiMaster link in AppStore is : https://itunes.apple.com/eg/app/wikimaster/id1062887157?mt=8
ld WOKwiki in AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/eg/app/wokwiki-quizzes-to-wikipedia/id939388179?mt=8 will still be in use for some time, but not updated. 
Country launches for WikiMaster will follow shortly. If not yet availible. Stay tuned!

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