WOKcraft prepare for name change of successful app in 2017

WOKwiki app launch was a great success during 2016. WOKwiki passed more than 100000 downloads in October and continue to grow. WOKwiki have recieved a wellrespected rating of 4.4 in Google Play. 

During 2016 the WOKers as a community have added Wikipedia images to over 60000 questions. The current WikiMaster from Chennai, India have reached over 100000 correct answers and over 12 million WOKbits. He was not alone. More than four indians have reached more than 1 million WOKbits. An astonishing achievment by all means.  

WOK launched the app WOKwiki in the knowing that the name WOKwiki never was perfect. In order for WOK to grow, with the controlled growth we could handle as the size of the current team and for everything to work, we had a planned year of soft launch during 2016 and learned from experience of how to launch apps and how to measure what works. The early WOK adoptors love us.

WOKwiki will therefore change name in 2017. Knowing that WikiMaster is a much better name we kept this name for a relaunch now after tweaking the app to the better. WOK use the lean startup approach and if an app is not working: We iterate and make it better. Build, measure, learn. Learn. Build, measure, learn. We have added functions and improved design.

WOKers have added content and together the WOKer experience is being better day by day. And we do so in a constant colab with the growing number of active WOKers. We have over the 2016 sent over 370 updated versions to Google Play and AppStore and published to production on a weekly basis in fourteen countries. Recentless efforts. With Joy. The team behind WOK is very proud of 2016. We simply used the 2nd best name first and save the better name for later. Now we feel WikiMaster is the right name. 

WikiMaster will be the renaming of WOKwiki in Q1 2017. WOK have already planned for the move and will phase out WOKwiki and this process is ongoing in December 2016. Website www.wokwiki.com is now to be phased out and www.wikimaster,.com will be phased in and updated with an even faster access. References to WOKwiki is already shrinking in all corners as the addictive WOKers already noticed. 

The time is ripe for a launch of WikiMaster in 2017. Welcome to the best year so far in WOK, the Knowledge Network.