What is Quiz King from WOKcraft?

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Quiz King app for iOS and Android!

Quiz King is the app for quizbattles to challenge your knowledge with other WOKers and friends around the world

Its the perfect trivia game app for quiz and funloving gamelovers. See video about Quiz King here

Now availible in iOS AppStore and in Android Google Play

Read more about Quiz King here!

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In Quiz King you play 5 rounds

Quiz King rules is simple.

  • Chose a main category for the round. Answer four multiple choice questions on time. As fast as you can. Correct if you can. Your opponent will answer the same questions after you done and chose the category for next round. 5th round category is chosen by the WOKer behind in scores. Most WOKbits wins the quizbattle.

Read more about Quiz King at www.quizking.org

Introduction to Quiz King

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Play Quiz King. Fun. Check. Learn.
Add tags = Create the Knowledge Network.

If you loved to play QuizUp or Quizbattle apps just as we do: You will love Quiz King just as much as we do. (We don't compare. Keep play them if you like. Nokia 3300 is still a great phone.)

Point is: Quiz King is not just another great quiz app: Quiz King is a part of WOK- World of Knowledge. Everytime you play Quiz King: you will be part of building the Knowledge Network WOK. By adding tags and find the answers on Wikipedia. Quiz King is the incarnation of intersection of learning and gamification: Lets wok it!

Learn more about Quiz King!

Quiz King explained

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