What is WikiMaster from WOKcraft?

WOKwiki -app quiz to Wikipedia

If you spend so much time on your smartphone; why not get smarter?

The app WikiMaster for iPhone and iPad and Android gives you all questions to wikipedia articles.
Wikipedia + Quiz = WikiMaster. 
WOK- World of Knowledge is built by all WOKers. Its a community for knowledge and learning. 
Be part of building the Knowledge Network by take the quizzes in WikiMaster. When you take a quiz in WikiMaster related to a wikipedia article: You learn this subject.

  • Take the quiz once. 
    Take it again. 
    Until you know.
    Learn from your mistakes.

WikiMaster is like a layer to Wikipedia. You have all the articles in Wikipedia. WOK just added all the multiple choice questions related to the articles. Once you try WikiMaster: You cant go back. Its like wikipedia with all the questions.

It was about time. WikiMaster is Wikipedia 2.0. Its WikiMaster. World of Knowledge + Wikipedia. Quiz + Knowledge= Learning. Download from AppStore and Download from Google Play Store

WikiMaster Introduction

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Take a Quiz. Create a question. 

In WikiMaster we have put around 300000 questons in english as a start. Related to wikipedia articles. We are just in the beginning and we know all WOKers like you will help us tag the questions. And create more questions.

In fact: The next best thing to learning (next to held a speech) is to create questions to the topic. And in WikiMaster you can. When you add a questiokn: It will be added just as an wikipedia article: The questions is added to WOK database and when the question is tagged with keywords; the articles will be associated with the questins to the keywords/ tags. Its as simple as that. If you have more info about how it works when questions havbe errors etc: Read more about how WOK works.

Welcome to World of Knowledge thru WikiMaster.

WOK - how it works