WOK plugin API enhance Wikipedia with a quiz to every article

 Think if Wikipedia had control questions just like any textbook in school has after a chapter end. Well. WOK has a solution.


Wikipedia is used by 600 million people around the globe every month. No doubt Wikipedia is among the best things on the Internet. Wikipedia site is even recently ranked as the most useful site by science (see the article in Washington Post Oct 19, 2016). WOK consider it to be the best thing no doubt even with Facebook and Google Search in mind even when we can have a good discussion if we want to live without any of these. WOK is the cousin of Wikipedia. We call WOK "The Wikipedia 2.0". 

The World of Knowledge project WOK ambition is to enhance the Wikipedia experience by adding quiz on top making Wikipedia a game. To improve Wikipedia. To improve something already great to be even better. 
WOK has done so by creating the mobile apps WikiMaster (available in Appstore and Google Play), and coming app Wikipedia image app WikiFlip. And we are very proud of the efforts done so far even when we have lots of work to do going ahead.

For millions of people, this apps will enhance the Wikipedia usefulness for years to come. Millions of school students around the globe will benefit from the questions related to Wikipedia articles in the apps from WOKcraft.

Yes. even greater will be when Wikipedia website includes the possibility of using WOK quizzes.

WOK use Wikipedia API to get Wikipedia articles (wikis) in the app WikiMaster (former WOKwiki). WOK has done the reverse: Made an API for Wikipedia to use that automatically connect the WOK database of over 333000 multiple choice questions to Wikipedia. 

In the end of the Wikipedia articles we at WOK have envisioned it will look like this:
 WW mobile Wikipedia added WOK cropped 160906

This link would lead to a WOK quiz related to the article and then lead back to the Wikipedia Site. 
Wikipedia->Quiz->Back to Wikipedia. WOK would feel like a part of Wikipedia and just an extension of the Wikipedia experience.
Anyone could check the knowledge stuck in their heads after reading a Wikipedia article. 

This video explains how it would look like https://vimeo.com/wokcraft/wikipedia

Video about Wikipedia enhanced with a quiz in each article from WOK plugin API :

This would no doubt be like putting control questions on a textbook. Since Wikipedia is the textbook of millions of people: WOK just add the possibility to wok it: in other words: Put the fact in the head so you know you know things. 
Smart is the new selfie. Be a WOKer. 

And if you are a member of the Wikipedia community and add content: Welcome to add the best multiple choice questions on top of the best and most read articles on Wikipedia. The marginal effect is far higer tan a new article about an albanian football player in the third divison in the 70ies (which is about what is not yet covered on the greatest thing Internet have produced so far: Wikipedia) : 

Let's create the best school on top of the best encyclopedia. It's time for Wikipedia to be a smartphone and not a mobile phone. Be a WOKer today. 

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