The story behind World of Knowledge- WOK

After spending over 20 years in creating and developing the public company Klick Data (ticker symbol klick:ss) in the e-learning space in Sweden and being a producer of over 500 video tutorials in computer skills and the creator of platform for b2b elearning called Klickportalen K3, Erik Bolinder started the venture of WOKcraft Inc in 2013. 

Before he started, he flew around the world to seek partners and suitable places for developing WOK, the Knowledge Network. China, India, Brazil, USA, Ukraine, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, Barbados, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and UAE is among countries visited and worked in during this process. Inspired by a meeting with Steve Wozniak on a Segway polo practice day after iPad launch in Silicon Valley in April 2010 and yet another Segway polo game in Beirut in April 2012 the main production team was founded in Cairo with support acts in Stockholm, New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney and later Dakar. A true "World of Knowledge" community in the ser base of wokers as well as in the team developing WOK. 

Spending many years and thousands of hours into developing great apps, functions, content with the framework, backend, API´s questions with the lean startup practice and with experiences and events, World of Knowledge has begun its journey to emerge as the Knowledge Network WOK

The app WikiMaster was after a long period of iterations and testing developed and was launched on 15 January 2016.  Exactly 15 years after its cousin Wikipedia saw the light. During the first two successful years over 400000 WOKers have joined in and added questions and quizzes edited all the content by organizing all questions into Wikipedia articles by tags and keywords. And the database has grown to contain over 407000 questions and over 137000 of these questions have an image attached from Wikimedia Commons, making the ecosystem for knowledge and quizzes more useful and illustrative every day. (As of April 2018) 

Three languages were introduced in 2016 (English, Arabic, and Swedish) and in 2017 French, German and Spanish were added to join in the global project WOK. 
All early adopters that support the journey of WOK will see the development of WOK by adding fun to the Wikipedia by adding relevant content to the articles at Wikipedia. And Wikipedia has shown the World what jointly efforts of fact lovers can do and the vast usefulness it brings to the millions of Internet users that find reliable information in a World that has turned to information wars threating the democratic process and society at large with fake news as ammunition.  

Fun added on top of Wikipedia is however light it might seem at first sight very serious too. Making the content on Wikipedia and knowledge more easy to obtain and access is a huge deal. Because the mission of WOK is to get the best school on the planet online. Adding value to already existing de facto standard of the source of learning that Wikipedia represents. Creating something unique in the intersection of learning and gaming and yet very useful for all people. All around the world. Students and trivial lovers. Young and old. Factseekers that want to confirm they know stuff to use and will use WOK as a great way to make the learning more fun.  And as useful as World of Knowledge is in the apps WOK create for fun, the more useful it will become for all knowledge seekers with help of collaboration of all WOKers. The knowledge lovers fans now join the Knowledge Network. 
The journey of WOK is on the way. Join the Community today! Welcome WOKers!

Erik Bolinder

Founder of World of Knowledge, WOK

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Despite not being in the spotlight, WikiFlip had a great year in 2017 with over 100000 downloads and a 4.6 review in Google Play. 

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