How does the WikiMaster work together with Wikipedia

The WikiMaster app is an independent app with no affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation. We see it as Wikipedia upgraded. Well, it's up to everybody to have an opinion. WikiMaster is like a Caffe Latte. Or Cappuccino. Only a third of the World coffee-drinkers prefers "coffee" black. Two-thirds prefer some added. We don't know about the Worlds preference when it comes to Wikipedia with or without "sugar and milk". But we offer the users an alternative.

WikiMaster app (and the WikiFlip to) it's targeted to students who need to know facts. We add "milk": the quizzes (white) and WikiMaster also add "sugar"; the social media components like Notifications, Scoreboard, and chat. It uses Wikipedia articles and images from Wikimedia Commons in the mix and we explain how in this video by Erik Bolinder. 

So: Now you get the idea and understand how it works. 

Footnote: The facts about coffee: