The Content roles of WOK

Creating the Knowledge Network WOK is a great task. It is based on the volunteers of knowledge lovers; the wokers. We have a mission to build the largest database of the World of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The process has different roles. From creating questions to validations. All efforts done has a meaning. And are important. No chain is stronger than the weakest link. 

The tasks for Question Content Providers is divided into subgroups for Content team members and volunteers.

A. Creator
First of all, we have the role of the Creator. Creating new MCQs in WikiMaster in the app or in Google Sheet for later import. New questions shall be interesting and intriguing. Easy and yet learning. This is an art. It's not mastered without practice. All wokers are welcomed to create in any Wikipedia article. With the Create button. The WOK team also use Google Sheet internally for Content providers that type questions on a Desktop PC in order to make the process easier. The questions are then later imported into the WOK database so all Community can enjoy the efforts done and move the questions further with more wikis and illustrations. 

B. Recorder
A recorder is a creator that take existing MCQs and input these existing questions into Google Sheet or WikiMaster. It could be to make National Tests such as the type in previous National Exams and put them in correct Quiz Name like "JAMB 2018 Biology". This task is simpler than for a Creator since it does not require the process of finding out what the Questions are about or finding good incorrect answers. Sometimes it's about copy and paste. Moving information from elsewhere to a structured way in order for the MCQs to be found in WikiMaster. Being a creator versus recorder is similar to the difference between a chef and a waiter. Food needs to be cooked as well as brought to the table. 

C. Tagger
When an MCQ is existing, the use in WikiMaster is limited if the questions are not attached to relevant Wikipedia articles. When input existing questions into Google Sheet the columns are to be filled with Wikipedia articles that are relevant and covers the subject. This is made both in Google Sheet and in WikiMaster. In fact, most of the time, questions are semi tagged in Google Sheet before import and then more granular tagged in WikiMaster since the advantage of WikiMaster with reading articles and finding out more of a subject is part of the learning process. Tagging is both fun and a great way to learn. Good tags make it easy for any woker to review and see the context in which the question and knowledge are within. Just looking at tags after taking questions to make a great sense in the learning process. 

D. Illustrator
Adding images to existing questions in WikiMaster by finding relevant images in Wikimedia Commons is just as important for making the woker experience more vivid. It also brings the WikiFlip app to life, since only MCQ with an image is available in this app. This illustration process is an art as well since the image shall not reveal the answer but be within the range of the subject. Good illustrators differ from less good. 

E. Validator
Check that Questions are correct in spelling, language and facts, and update classifications. This is a vital job for the WOK Community. We are constantly missing wokers who can take the role of validation. Wikipedia has tens of thousands of users who edit and validate the facts. As a smaller Community; WOK seek all the volunteers it can find for validation. Especially in French and German since the growth of WOk is dependent on Content Managers. Other systems have dealt with this. So are we at World of Knowledge. 

F. Complimentor
Adding more wikis to existing Questions thus expanding the value of questions. Adding missing tags that are relevant is every wokers duty. It shall be in the mindset of a woker to help WOK forward by adding wikis when you see a question that would fit in a Wikipedia article nit indexed by previous wokers or by the creator. In this category is also the job of putting questions in the right Main Category. (MC).

G. Quiz Maker
Putting existing or new questions into Quizzes relevant to a specific group such as a class or a level of difficulty or age group. This is teachers role. In Quiz Store all wokers can take a quiz created by members of the Community in different subjects that are MCQs gathered together to a specific target group or interest. Anyone can pick his or her favorite questions and put into a Quiz. And send to a group for validation. Or trivia. A quizmaker adds great value to the WOK Community.

To summarize; the roles in WOK of building the Knowledge Network is many. We are in our mindset just finishing and prolong the value made by Wikimedians. If there would have not been for all the man hours made by the Wikipedia Community, WOK would not have been a fraction so useful as it is today. Today, about 3% of the Wikipedia articles are having one or more questions in WikiMaster. In the future 10%, 25% and 60% and more will have quizzes. By this time, WOK will have a great impact on the way all internet users will use Wikipedia when they Google to find out a missing piece of information. When we have the web version of WikiMaster ready (2019), all articles in Wikipedia will have a WikiMaster link making it more easy to share than in WikiMaster app. 

 WOK MCQ Google sheet 181109
Pic. Example of Google Sheet input. Questions (with fillers made with underscore= "____.") are written in column B with correct alternatives in Column C. Incorrect alternatives in Column D, E, F. The tags (=Wikipedia articles) related is in G, H, I, J, K. This gives the creators, recorders, and taggers an overview as well as the validators the pre-import view of sharing the same document before questions are transported via SQL import into the WOk database. If a clean MCQ is rubber, we make the wheel and refine the MCQ so it is more useful for wokers. Once inside the app, more wokers can add more tags so the questions are mir granular tagged. The incorrect alternatives are partly hidden in this screenshot. 


WF banner8 Istagram for the brain 161128c
In the ecosystem of WOK, the multiple choice questions (MCQ) made by the Content Providers are used in many apps and also in external systems using the API of WOK. The Community is basing on the assumption of volunteers adding content of free will that will be the benefit for as many users (wokers) as possible as well as for the Wikipedia Community at large. WOK see the MCQs added on top of the Wikipedia articles as the beneficiary for the WMF movement at large and would welcome even more active collaborations in the future. The cooperations between WOK and Wikipedia have intensified in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019 and beyond. 


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