WikiMaster Desktop version for the web sneak preview

We at WOK consider WikiMaster as being an even improved version of Wikipedia. Call it an upgrade to 2.0 if you like. In the WikiMaster app, we have added layers of academic useful functionality for students to get more power of the vast information on Wikipedia in order to quickly and more easily learn facts. As we added a new layer of fun to it. Now: Time has come for the WOK project to turn its focus to the Desktop version. Bringing Wikipedia on the web to the next level. Getting from being the Nr 1 Library of Information to the University. Here is a sneak preview.

We always think how to make Wikipedia even better. Nobody other than students from all over the World has asked us. Wikipedians and Wikimedians are focused on getting a better Wikipedia within the framework of the existing Wikipedia. WOK project has looked outside and worked outside the box. Outside the groupthink paradigm of the dedicated and great Wikipedia Community. For things to change within the Wikipedia Foundation (WMF) structure, a long process of acceptance has to be processed. This has a lot of advantages making progress well thought and deeply accepted within a majority of the Community without hasty work being rushed out with bugs and frustrations. But it has a drawback of bold changes to the better being rejected. One clear example of this is the WMF reluctance of focus on the mobile. Basically, for the simple reason, a mobile smartphone or tablet is not the optimal device for editing and creating Wikipedia articles. Thus: The most active and dedicated Wikimedians are not active mobile users. And this creates a gap between the billions of Wikipedia users and the active producers of content. The need for improvement in mobile devices are not visual and "there" for the active Wikipedians. To mention one example of the drawbacks from the WMF Community efforts. 

One way of explaining this is to compare Wikipedia with coffee. The World has got a great taste of coffee. And Wikipedia has created a great Nespresso machine with the six-year-old project WikiData, making great use of information more structured than before. It's still coffee. It's still great. What is missing is add-ons like milk and sugar. This is where WOK project so sophisticated come into place. With quizzes and Notifications (social media) we add milk and sugar to coffee, thus creating Cappucino, Macchiato, and Frappucino. Still taste like coffee (Wikipedia) but with a fuller and smoother taste. Wikipedia is not focusing on pasteurization and the mix of Wikipedia versus Quizzes. This is what WOKcraft and WOK project do. 

With WOK working as a cousin outside the WMF: We now started with WikiMaster the web version of WikiMaster adding quizzes and validation for national exams like SAT into the Wikipedia World. 
Currently, we are in the development mode for the web version of WikiMaster. It will, however, have the same feeling and most of the functions of the mobile app.  In this first design attempts we have considering the desktop user experience UX, so Wikipedia users can feel comfortable when using it. In WMW we will have many more ways to display the content than on the small mobile phone were we need to compromise on space much more than on Desktop. 

We aim to make the WikiMaster users, the WOKers as home and comfortable on the Desktop as well as on the mobile app as well as on the Desktop version. 

1- Wikipedia article with the top menu 

A- In wide screens, the Wikipedia article will be displayed with some helpful functions and features in the top blue bar.  By clicking on those menu items you can navigate to any part of the site. In widescreens, a lot of functions and features will be displayed to fill the blue WikiMaster bar, and fill the Wikipedia page with a lot of added possibilities. 

B- In wide screens, the Wikipedia article will be displayed with a smaller number of helpful functions and features in the top blue bar to fit perfectly with the user screen, Also the Wikipedia article will be shrunk automatically to fit the medium screen.

C- In small screens, the Wikipedia article will be displayed with a smaller amount of items and without the text below each item.

D- In super small screens, the shown items of the menu will be decreased to fit the screen and also the Wikipedia article content. This will be more like the app, but still Desktop version of the responsive design.

2- Login

When you click on Signup button, you will get this screen

3- Take a challenge with another WOKer

Here you can challenge your friends in any Wikipedia content.

A- Start of the challenge

Firstly: User will get a popup for the start of the challenge that appears for the first time only

B- Choosing WOKer to challenge

Each WOKer who took this Wiki can be challenged, you can view their images, names and total score in this Wiki. also filter and search in them.

C- Loading the challenge

A countdown will start for loading the challenge before starting answering the questions. You can view the opponent WOKer as well.

D- Begin the challenge

In the top bar, there is the 30-sec countdown timer, the current/total questions, pause to view, Wiki name and the exit button.

E- Pause to view answer

If you click on the view/pause icon you can pause the quiz to figure out what the answer is.

4- Take a quiz on a Wikipedia article

You can also start a quiz on your own on any Wikipedia content,

A- Start of the quiz

Firstly: User will get a popup for the start of the quiz that appears for the first time only

B- Loading the quiz

A countdown will start for loading the quiz before starting answering the questions.

C- Begin the quiz

In the top bar, there is the 30-sec countdown timer, the current/total questions, pause to view, Wiki name and the exit button.

5- List quizzes

6- Edit your questions

7- Notification

8- Scoreboard

9- Create Question

A. Create Question Step 1

B. Create Question Step 2: Confirm the question

C. Create Question Step 3: Choose Category

D. Create Question Step 4: Add Tag

E. Create Question Step 5: Add Image

F. Create Question Step 5/b: Add more info to the question, when click on the bulb icon, you can add more info.


10- Quiz Store

11- Settings

12- Invite WOKers for challenge

13- Help

14- Booklets

15- Goals

16- Tasks

17- Awards

18- Review your pending challenges

19- Notes

A. the notes menu will show all saved notes

B. When creating a note, just select the text and click the note icon in the top bar

C. Then the new note will be added to the notes list

20- Search

You can search for Wikipedia articles (Wikipedia), Wikipedia articles with quizzes ( Quizzes) or search for other WOKers

21- WOKer who took quiz

You can find WOKer who took a quiz on the current Wiki and also filter them by country

22- Create manual quiz

A. First step

B. Second step

C. Third step

D. Fourth step

E. Fifth step

23- View quiz results

You can view the results of your quiz related to the displayed Wikipedia article, But this icon will be not shown if you didn't take a quiz/challenge in the displayed Wikipedia article.

We hope to deliver a Desktop version in Q1, 2019. This will also bring the possibility to send links to a Wikipedia by ""Wikipediaarticle" , this sharing quicker the WOK experience to anyone. We also believe Google will eventually find the WOK version indexed and thus make any search on any topic that today is Wikipedia only to WikiMaster and create a more useful source of information to the billions of people with access to Wikipedia only. If you had the choice of getting coffee only and a choice of getting a Cappuccino or Cafe Latte, which site would you go to? A Nokia 3330 or an iPhone? Altavista or Google? Well. We are not there yet. But we are striving to build the Knowledge Network. And WikiMaster Desktop will be a vital part in this structure. It's like Ying and Yang. We would not thrive without Wikipedia. We are the male part of Wikipedia. if Wikipedia would be female. Or the other way around. If Wikipedia is facts, WOK is emotion. If Wikipedia is introvert; WOK is extrovert. If WOK is about questions, Wikipedia is answers. If Wikipedia is Information, WOK is Knowledge. It's the friction that creates the energy. 

"Oh, we haven’t really improved education with technology yet — what do you think?’"
Bill Gates to Steve Jobs in May 2011

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