WikiMaster or Google - you google or you wok it

When the global normal search for Knowledge is described; the normal process is Browser->Google-> Scroll to Wikipedia article. You basically Google to find the relevant Wikipedia article and then read. The Wikipedia Search could be easier. Without the clutter. It already is. In WikiMaster app. This article explains. 

Having WikiMaster as the Search tool for knowledge gives you an advantage. It does not give you the Google Ads. You don't need to scroll. 6000 times per second people do the Browser->Google-> Scroll to Wikipedia article.
With WIkiMaster you Search- > Read. It's faster.  And when you realize this: You don't go to Google to search anymore. You go to WikiMaster. 

Of course, sometimes you don't exactly know the name of the article and need to Google for "Guy who invented the fridge" or a quote like "Samsonite, I was way off" to find the movie title and go back without knowing exactly. But as a woker in WikiMaster, 99% of the time you enjoy finding a topic by getting to the article and then quiz yourself directly using the WikiMaster as an Nr 1 tool for your curiosity search tool. 

 When you google on Google: You find and read. When you wok in WikiMaster: You find and learn. By having fun.

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The original idea from 2009 when WOK was visualized is now a reality in WikiMaster and WikiFlip app.
You wok it when you learned it. Or reverse: When you have learned it, you have wok it. 

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