WOK Server Logfile and planned Services

This page is an information about issues related to Server Side issues of WOK database like planned maintenance or Unexpected Server Errors resulting in issues of no contact. 

During normal hours all Server is up and running 24/7 with no issues in Amazon Cloud Service (AWS). Sometimes things occur planned and unplanned disrupt this path.

The WOK eco-system face complexities in some of our servers responsible for simplifying information but this page will give you a brief update when you notice disconnection or a malfunction.

There are different reasons for "No contact with Server": 

A. Server down. App connection does not work. Planned or unplanned. 
B. Internet/ wifi connection/ 3G/ 4G. WOK Server works fine, but the user ("woker") cant reach server due to error on his/her side. 
C. Client-side issue. The code in the app is not working as well, causing issues of lost server connection. New updates sent to Google Play (Android devices) and AppStore (iOS devices, "iPhone" and "iPad" ) *
D. Part-time server failure. Long reply call causing Server to respond late. Like Results, Update on Home etc. 

Server issues / Failure reported

Jan 4-6, 2017:
Server down Jan 4 10.00 am GMT - Jan 6 1.00 pm due to a patch update on Amazon Cloud causing an interconnection security based error between databases in WOK. During 50 hours we tried to restore the database corrupted or infected or secure locked by an undefined error during an update on Amazon that had been scheduled as a normal maintenance support issue. The backup server was also affected causing us to restore WOK to run on a 60 day old copy as a (hopefully) temporary solution. We hope within this week to restore old Jan 4 version with the WOKbits, chats logins and data that was lost. We have a small dedicated team working overtime to fix this issue. And we also hope to get help from Amazon to solve the issue. We have named this incident as 60D-zone.
Nov 4, 2017

Challenges not able to take: 08.00 am - 3 PM Reported from a woker in the community at 13:54. Mail alert read by team 15.34 (Saturday). Solved within 25 minutes of notification received. 

 Nov 2, 2017:
Server down 08.00 am - 1 pm due to a complex issue of overload on RAM. Issues are solved temporarily. We are currently moving some functionality in backend due to the fact it's not very often commonly used and does not need server access. This process will affect some functions over the next couple of weeks. It's due to the accelerated growing number of wokers adding in forcing backend to be adjusted. All data restored. 

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