How to tag questions in WOK to become relevant to Wikipedia articles

This page explains how to tag questions to WOK. WOKcraft is driving the global educational project WOK in the spirit of Wikipedia with a social community that aims to collaborate to create all the multiple choice questions for all Wikipedia articles. Basically, WOK is the gamification of Wikipedia.

Apart from the trivia factor with Quiz on top of the articles: WOK is "The textbook Wikipedia get control questions in order for the educational use to increase for the global population that use Wikipedia as the best thing on internet everyday as a learning tool above all other learning tools" . 

The short name for the WOKcraft project is WOK. Its an abbreviation of World Of Knowledge. The registered users of WOKcraft, the WOKers are creating the questions in WOK. Just like the crowdsourced content of Wikipedia is maintained by the users of Wikipedia, the WOKers are making the efforts of controlling, maintaining and improve the quality of WOK so the questions in WOKcraft ecosystem is maintained for the general benefit of all humans online. For fun and for knowledge purpose. When you have answered a question in WikiMaster, WikiFlip or Quiz King or when you create a question in WOK: You add keywords to the questions. These keywords or tags will determine to which Wikipedia article the questions will end up to in a quiz that can be taken in WikiMaster or flipped in WikiFlip

This page is to explain how the process of tag or keywords are made and to guide WOKers through the process of "tagging" questions. Many early questions in WOK are made without the tagging process described below in mind. Many WOKers play and help to add tags without being creators of questions, just like many Wikipedians edit articles without creating new. WOKers who add tags during the creation of a question or after a question is answered and add learning links to a question enhance the use of WOK. Tag questions will be attached to Wikipedia and become a part of a quiz related to a Wikipedia article. The idea is that WOKers over time will create "a cousin to Wikipedia"  by adding all relevant questions to all Wikipedia articles and therefore create Wikipedia 2.0. This process is in full swing in 2017. With already six languages active: English, Arabic, French, Swedish, German and Spanish.  To do this in a good way for the general good: This page is helping in this process: 

1. Context: Relevant subject and articles as a tag 

Whenever you add a tag to a question in WOK:  Ask yourself this two very central questions for tags and keywords:
a) "What quiz would this question be placed in?" - > That is a tag
b) "What quiz or Wikipedia article would I expect this question to be relevant to?" - > This is the key question to a good tag. Putting a question into a context.

Example 1:1:
You need to understand to put a question into its context top to down:

If the  question "Who won the US election in 2008 and become president of United States?" you can think:
"In what type of quiz would this question be relevant:
So if you would go to Wikipedia part of WikiMaster: You would expect the question to be on topics like:

USA (wide, but its still relevant)
US politics (not as wide as USA but still wide, but it's still relevant)
US elections (more narrow than above, but still relevant)
Presidents (in a global perspective about presidents in general)
US Presidents (a relevant tag indeed)
Obama (relevant)
Barack Obama (relevant) 

and so on: You can be as imaginative as you please as long as it is relevant - And put for example: 
Mitt Romney (relevant because he lost to Obama in the election even though the name Mitt Romney is not in the question, you have to use your knowledge outside "the box" and actual words used) . Its the "teachers" approach.  

Example 1:2. 

In what year was The Scream painted?

In this question, the name of the artist Edvard Munch is not mentioned, but this is probably the most important tag to this question.
So again: You need to to see the content to which the subject is in and google "The Scream" or Search for The Scream inside Wikipedia to make good tags (if you tag a question you have no or little idea of)
Good keywords and tag to this question would be Edvard Munch, The Scream, Paintings, Norway.

And again: When you tag: Ask yourself the key question:  "What quiz would this question be placed in?"  or  "What quiz or Wikipedia article would I expect this question to be relevant to?" because all these tags make the question relevant. So to this question, nobody would be surprised if it came in a Quiz called "Norway" , "Edvard Munch" , "The Scream", "Paintings" or was among the questions related to these Wikipedia articles. 

2. Can I learn about this question in a Wikipedia article? 

Please ask yourself every single time (!) when you tag questions: (as mentioned above)
a. "Where would I expect this question to be if there was a quiz? and "b. To what Wikipedia article would I put this question?"
Many of the WOKer have not understood this and tag questions in a to narrow (small) quiz where you hardly can expect more than one or few questions and many of you have still not understood that tag is used for getting questions related to Wikipedia articles. Yet this is many times relevant. The name of the flower hibiscus is, of course, related to hibiscus Wikipedia articles but also "flowers" or flowers in the mallow family (see

You would not find a relevant thing to read in a Wikipedia article about 1963 and then expect to answer about a certain football match taking place. Since the big happening about 1963 is stated and not all the details about Premier League this year. 
A key point to ask before creating a good tag would, therefore, be: "Would I read about the facts in the Wikipedia article and then be able to answer the question?

Many, many tags in the last week is a definitely NO, so this relationship has to be in mind when you tag. Or the work of the tagging is useless to our ambition.

You shall be able to read about a subject in Wikipedia and then be able to answer the questions being in the quiz. IN the 1963 example: The big events was mentioned and this event is related to the article, but not a football match. However, all questions cannot be in the articles, but you must have the sense and fingerspitzgef├╝hle about the art of tagging.

If you sense a problem or question: Copy and paste it into the group and Dina, Sherif and I will guide you. All of us can then read and share and we improve our quality. Feel free to use this forum for enhancement of the tagging process. Because its an art and we become better and better over time.

3. Tagging is an art. But you can use Wikipedia and Google to improve the tagging!

Looking at a question in the review mode in Quiz King; You get more info just looking at the tags if the question has left you in doubt. Good tagging makes the question quickly be put into context.
And again: The key to god tags in WOK is "What quiz would this question be placed in?"  or  "What quiz or Wikipedia article would I expect this question to be relevant to? 
And use Wikipedia Search and/or Google to get more ideas of relevant tags. 

Please read more about the actual process with this article about the process of indexing questions from WOK Founder Erik Bolinder 

Good luck! 

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