Main categories in WOK - the list

The questions (Q) in all WOKcraft apps are divided into categories (C). WOK has 22 Main categories (MC) and around 1000 subcategories (SC). This is a guideline and explanation on how WOK works with the categories and explains the relations between categories, questions, quizzes, and tags. 

Background of Main Categories in WOK apps 

There are currently 22 Main Categories in World of Knowledge. Each question is also categorized into a MAIN category (MC).
In each question in WOK, we also have the granular level of a keyword that is a wiki article relation. (Example: Peter Shilton, England National Football Team, Football, Premier League, Sports. A question can be in the Main Category History and have the tag wiki History.) 

The Main category is used in many ways in WOK and is different from the wiki tags. like:
a. To see specifications of WOKers preferences in Profile in WikiMaster and Quiz King. 
b. To use as a determinator for a round in Quiz King. 
c. To make a display of interesting images to show in Home in WikiFlip. 

QK7 screen category choose 140916

The Main categories are mainly used in app Quiz King when you choose a category before you start a round.
When you start a round, 3 out of these 22 Main categories will be displayed to choose from, unless you have upgraded the app and will be able to see and choose from all 22 MC. 

List of the Main categories in WOK

MC 101 color 20 Arts & Culture

MC 102 color 20 Business & Management

MC 103 color 20 Cars & Vehicles

MC 104 color 20 Computers & Electronics

MC 113 color 20 Current Events

MC 107 color 20 Vocabulary 

MC 105 color 20 Education & Science

MC 106 color 20 Entertainment & Music

MC 108 color 20 Food & Drink

MC 122 color Film & Movies

MC 109 color 20 Games & Toys

MC 110 color 20 Garden & Flora

MC 121 color 20 General Knowledge*

MC 111 color 20 Healthcare & Medicine

MC 112 color 20 History

MC 114 color 20 Internet

MC 115 color 20 People & Society

MC 116 color 20 Pets & Animals

MC 117 color 20 Politics & Government

MC 118 color 20 Religion & Spirituality

MC 119 color 20 Sports & Fitness

MC 120 color 20 Travel & Geography

The Main categories develops over time but change very few times. And will be sorted differently in different languages. 

Category list in WOKcraft MC list in four languages 170520
A list of Main Categories in different languages. 

Create quizzes out of questions

In WOKcraft, a WOKer can make quizzes (Qz) with a subject containing 7 or more questions. Like  "Bruce Springsteen quiz" with questions about rock singer Bruce Springsteen. This quiz is placed in one of the Main Category and then into a subcategory. There are over 1000 subcategories (SC) in WOKcraft. For example A Bruce Springsteen quiz would be placed in the Main Category MC: "Entertainment & Music" and subcategory (SC): Rock to name an example. When it comes to the app WikiMaster, all questions is sorted into tags which is the same as Wikipedia articles. So in WikiMaster (former WOKwiki), the MC and SC is basically replaced with the tag=wikipedia article on a question level (compared to a former project WOKquiz) but MC and SC have implications on Personal Quizzes. 

Subcategories in Quiz King

In Quiz King and WikiFlip, subcategories (SC) are not used. Only (MC). Any question that is within an MC and approved by SuperWOKer is among the randomly chosen to pop up in the round. A Question (Q) can be placed in a quiz in WOKcraft and be used for many quizzes. 

Keywords with tags create a quiz to Wikipedia

A tagged question is attached to a Wikipedia article. The tag "Albert Einstein" to a question will be used for WOKwiki app for questions linked to the Wikipedia article "Albert Einstein" in English or in any other language (not cross universal). Every time a WOKer add a tag to a question: The question will be added to the Wikipedia article related to the tag. Therefore; WOK will grow in usefulness every time you play Quiz King and add a Learning link or and a tag. The tags are also a good way of putting a question into a context and help WOKers to get knowledge organized. A tag has technically nothing to do with Main categories and Subcategories in WOKcraft. Tags help to create a quiz based on subject. And the Main Categories (MC) and Subcategories (SC) help WOKers to create quiz into subjects without relation to Wikipedia.  

General Knowledge as the default category

If a question is made and not put into a category: The question is placed into the General Knowledge Main Category as default. Many questions would, therefore, be moved to any other MC by the WOKers. The MC Current Events contains of things that effect in near time. Over time; questions will be moved from Current Events into other categories when the question lose its "current" value. 

Quiz King is more than a single Quiz app: It s part of WOKcraft, the social platform for quizzes. It is called WOK. Short for "World of Knowledge". WOK is probably already one of the largest databases of multiple choice questions in the world by 2015. Growing by the day. So all of us WOKers have to sort them. Into categories and with tags. When you take a quiz in the sister app WikiMaster: You will, for example, see the Main Category symbol when you review the questions. 

// Updated 2018-03-20

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