How to add images to questions in WOK

The multiple choice questions in WOK is illustrated with images from Wikimedia Commons. A great question has an image attached that both makes the question decorative, makes the woker curios and enlightens the memory process and enhance the knowledge process. All without revealing the correct answer. 

The process on how to think when add images are essential but yet trivial. At the time of this article publication (April 2018), the wokers had produced over 405000 questions in the WOK database. Some of these questions were imported for the project at the start, but the speed at which new questions are added is picking up speed. None of the questions had an image attached before we added the possibility to have images to the questions in WikiMaster in late 2016 from Wikimedia Commons. Once we started to add this possibility, wokers found that the questions were much more fun to take. Today at the beginning of April 2018 ( April 8), over 132202 questions have an image attached out of the 405520 created. Every day about 250-300 questions gets new images attached. And in Quiz King you can add images to. (since March 2018 for Android). 

This illustration process has to follow some rules and the guidelines can be shortened to following:

1. Add an image that does not reveal the correct answer. 
If the correct answer od a question is Brad Pitt, don't add an image of Brad Pitt. Its a simple rule. The image should be a hint and have "something to do" with the question. But not reveal the correct answer bluntly. If its a question of "Who had the leading role in the film X?" and Brad Pitt is the correct answer: Then the image of the film is perhaps much better. And if the name of Brad Pitt is on the poster of the film, this might not be perfect but "good enough". With the hint having a small reveal of the answer, the magnification of the images made in the apps during February 2018, even the name of the file from Wikimedia Commons has information that reveals the answer more than before. Still, the film poster is far much better than a pic of Brad Pitt. 
There are cases when a pic of the correct person is relevant and this is when the person is fairly unknown to the public, A question about an unknown person in the 16th Century and with a pic of this person being the correct answer is more acceptable than Brad Pitt. Its a judgment of the community. 

2. Add a relevant image
Add an image that makes sense in the context of the question. If it is a chemistry question about air, perhaps a pic of the Earth ozone layer is relevant. If Earth is not a tag or Space Exploration and you don't find a relevant image that pops up in your head; add a tag, then add the image and delete the tag if it was just the image that made sense and not the tag. So this adding of an image outside the box makes it possible to add a ballon on a question about gravity, a scary face about an explosion or a waterfall about water 

3. Add an image that is beautiful 
If possible to chose an image that is relevant, gives a hint without revealing the answer and you find many images that would fit: Chose the most beautiful one.  In the app WikiFlip, you scroll among the many beautiful images and this is, of course, more pleasant to enjoy with more colorful and vivid images. 

4. Try not to repeat the same image in different questions about the same topic. 
If you add images to the Wikipedia article of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and you like one of the images best; Make variation your goal. When you take a quiz in a Wikipedia article and the same image is attached to all of them; it's not as fun as when you have plenty of different images used. So if possible, use as many different as possible. In many articles, there are only one or two images attached. So repeat is unavoidable but as a general rule; go for variation. Use your imagination and think outside the box. 

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The images added is used in WikiMaster app when you take the quiz and review the questions taken. They are the core center and main focus in the WikiFlip app where all the images in the database of Wikimedia Commons come to their glory. Any question with an image will be shown only if there is an image in the WikiFlip app. And the pictures are shown in Quiz King app as well. So all over WOK ecosystem, the joy of the photos, illustrations, images, and pictures will add the academic value as well as the pure joy of learning. Please help us add more images to the questions in WikiMaster. Its a part of the power of crowdsourcing. It is Humanity at disposal. 

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