WikiMaster of the World awarded during an India Quiz Event Tour 2020 in Dindigul Tamil Nadu India

The Founder of World of Knowledge, Mr. Erik Bolinder was on an India Promotional Tour during a week at the end of January 2020. He was Invited to promote WikiMaster and the WOK project among four Colleges in the Dindigul area located in the state of Tamil Nadu in the south of India, close to Chennai.  The Tour was a huge success and was initiated by the World's current Nr 1 WikiMaster: Mr. Gopalakrishnan, who during one of the events finally got his long-awaited Award WikiMaster of the World for 2018 and 2019.

The Scoreboard in WikiMaster is transparent for everyone who has downloaded the app WikiMaster. Nobody has missed the fact. Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ganesan has almost 20 million WOKbits and is the Worlds Nr 1. He was surpassing the former Nr 1 Dr. Rangaprasad Bhat in August 2018 to become the new World leader and has been holding on to this position ever since. The Founder of WOK, Mr. Erik Bolinder had never met Mr. Gopalakrishnan until this Tour and this article is about the events that took place during this week. 

WC scordboard top2 200302

The small image blurry image in the Profile Picture was all that we know about him. Until the summer of 2019, when we received an email about his son, Ravichandran Gopalakrishnan, who was about to visit Stockholm through his work with TCS as a software system validator for a large customer in the retail industry. This gave us the opportunity to hand out the WOKer of the year Prize Diploma for 2018, that he received on behalf of his father. 

WOKer of the year Award Diploma handed out in August 2019 to Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ganesan, received by the son Ravichandran Gopalakrishnan in Stockholm.

During this meeting in Stockholm, the idea of a Quiz Competition in Tamil Nadu came up, and a few months later, in December 2019, the father and son had arranged for the first Quiz Event in India organized by the WOKworld Foundation and the in the history of the WOK project held in Asia. At the end of December and the beginning of January, over 900 Students from four different Colleges in the Dindigul Area in Tamil Nadu State in Southern India.

WC tst written Dindigul 191227Mega Quiz India Tamil Nadu Dindigul 2019 WOKworld Foundation
Mega India Quiz - Written Contest in association with Rotary Club of Dindigul West and WOKworld Foundation. 

WC written quiz group1 200112
WC written quiz group2 200112
Written Quiz for 90 minutes in GTN Arts College concerning the Mega India Quiz for the WOKworld Foundation with 900 students participating. 

The WikiMaster Mega Quiz Event final

WC Quiz Dindigul final5 190123
Mr. Gopalakrishnan led the oral Final Quiz with the 10 finalists competing for a 5000 Rs Award sponsored by Rotary Club of Dindigul West.

The WikiMaster Mega Quiz Event final in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, South India took place on Jan 23, 2020. Among the 10 finalists and some great answers from the contestants, the winner was crowned: Mr.Santhosh. He won the oral final Quiz Contest lead by the Global WikiMaster Mr. Gopalakrishnan and was given prize money is RS5000, Certificate and a Plaque for his achievements. 900 contestants participated and Rotary Club Dindigul West and GTN Arts college was the main sponsors. Handing out 100 certificates to the Top 100 was also in the program. Mr. Bolinder delivered a Keynote that addressed the fun factor in the learning process to the 250 people in the hall. The distinguished Mr.Muruganandham, founder of the Excel Group in Chennai with 500 employees and former head of Rotary for the District of Chennai Area held an inspirational speech. It was a great honor for Mr. Bolinder of being the Special Guest at this event, handing out the certifications and the Award. 

WC Quiz Dindigul final2 190123
Mr. Santhosh was the winner of the Mega Quiz India Competition and was handed a plaque for his achievement by Mr. Bolinder. 

WC Quiz Dindigul final4 190123
Erik Bolinder was the honored guest at the Quiz Event at GTN Arts Collage as the Founder of the WOK.

 WC INdiacertifications 200123
100 Certifications to be signed by Mr. Bolinder was later handed out to the 100 Top Students in the Mega Quiz India Event hosted by Rotary and WOKworld Foundation. 

WC Quiz Dindigul final3 190123
Mr.Muruganandham, Chairman and Founder of the Excel Group, held an inspirational speech in Tamil to the 250 honored guests about the need for education. 

Sample from Erik Bolinder Keynote Speech at GTN College about the collective efforts benefit for all when creating the Knowledge Network 

See link 

The Pre-event visit on January 22 to Parvathy´s Arts & Science College 

First pre-Event in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu was taken place in Parvathy´s Art & Science College where 400 students listen to Mr. Bolinder and Gopalakrishnan Keynote Speeches. The energy in the room was amazing! The power of positive forces can move mountains!

WC parvathys college4 200122 
Erik Bolinder and Gopalakrishnan inspired 450 female Students at Paravatys Arts & Collage in English and in the Tamil language of the opportunities with the WikiMaster app. 

Congratulations to GG by Mr. Bolinder!

 WC parvathys college2 200122
Parvathy´s College in Dindigul West, Tamil Nadu have over 4000 Students from both genders.

WC parvathys college1 200122 
The Headmaster of Parvathy´s Arts & Science Collage gave Mr. Erik Bolinder a large Plague for the honor of the visit. 

WC pavarthy greetings IMG 3641 200122
Students welcoming the guests before the Event at Parvathy´s Arts & Science College in Dindigul. 

The WikiMaster Quiz Contest press conference in Dindigul on Jan 21

After two nights of flying overseas, Mr. Bolinder arrived at Madurai Airport near Dindigul on January 21. The trip was going from Stockholm, Sweden through Vienna, Athens and continued to Cairo where Mr. Bolinder met the WOK Developing Team during two days before heading to Sharjah, UAE, and Kuwait City for a business meeting with clients to one of Mr. Bolinder Educational Companies. ( . Then the second night flight with Air India was from Kuwait City to Goa and then Madurai Airport where Mr. Ravichandran Gopalakrishnan greeted Mr. Bolinder. With an hour's drive to the hotel from the airport, a press conference was held with sixteen (16) local TV News Channels covering the event to be over the next few days at the Parson Court Hotel in Dindigul. This was the first time Mr. Goplaekrishnan and Mr. Bolinder met for the first time and they hosted the press conference jointly. 

Some link in Tamil about the event: 

WC India pressconference IMG 1554 200121
Mr. Gopaleskrishnan explains the Quiz Event in front of the local TV-stations on January 21, 2020, at Parsons Court, Dindigul

Press conference in the Tamil language and in English (2 min) about the Quiz Event and the WOK project at large.

WC pressconference microphones IMG 8781 200121
16 local TV-stations and News Channels came to the Press Conference. 

WC Hinditimes IMG 200204
The National newspaper The Hindi was covering the Quiz Event at GTN Arts Collage. 

The WikiMaster Prize Ceremony at the PSNA College

WC Keynote Erik Bolinder PCTN IMG 1923 200123
Erik Bolinder Keynote speech at PSNA College of Engineering Technology on Jan 23, 2020

The Prize Ceremony for Mr. Gopalakrishnan receiving his Award for the WOKer of the Year 2018 and 2019 took place at PSNA College of Engineering Technology on January 23, 2020. The event with 350 Students participating started with an inspirational speech by Mr. Gopalakrishnan middle son, Mr. Shantharam Gopalakrishnan who spoke about Entrepreneurship in India and the prospect of creating a career outside the normal work life. Mr. Shantharam Gopalakrishnan was an Alumni at the PSNA College and this was his first speech returning back to his former student facilities. As the honor moment for the WikiMaster of the World, his whole family attended this event. At the end of his Keynote speech, Mr. Erik Bolinder gave the plaque to Mr. Gopalakrishnan from stage during a long and warm applaud from the Students in the Hall. It was a truly special moment for the WOK project, the WOKworld Foundation and a moment of honor for all attending. Over 350000 multiple Choice Questions taken to become the Nr 1 in the World is an astonishing achievement. 

The Keynote Speech from Erik Bolinder on January 24, 2020, at PSNA College with the Prize Award Ceremony honoring Mr. Gopalakrishnan for his WikiMaster of the World Achievement. (17:10 min) 

WF Indiatour2020 WikiMaster 1 200124 
The family of Gopalakrishnan Ganesan gathered at the Prize Ceremony at the PSNA College. The 12-year old granddaughter inspired Mr. Gopalakrishnan to aim for the Nr. 1 spot in WikiMaster in 2018 and she is the third from the left in this picture. 

WF Indiatour2020 WikiMaster 10 200124WF Indiatour2020 WikiMaster 9 200124
The final moment when Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ganesan was awarded for his achievement of becoming the World Nr 1 WikiMaster of the World and the WOKer of the Year 2018 & 2019 took place on January 24, 2020. 

Erik Bolinder Keynote Speech at St Antonys Arts & College on Jan 24, 2020 

After three successful Keynote speeches at the Parvathys Arts & College, GNT Arts & Science College and PSNA College of Engineering Technology, the last Keynote from Mr. Erik Bolinder on the WikiMAster India Promotion Tour was delivered at the St Antonys Arts & College for Women in the Dindigul West District. Over 400 female students had gathered to listen to Erik Bolinder. The event was a huge success. It concluded a tour that was a milestone for the WOK project and opened up the translation for the Tamil Language and the use of WikiMaster in the School system in India. 

Erik Bolinder explains the need for learning. Learning is a never-ending habit. Make sure its fun explains Erik Bolinder at his Keynote Speech at St Antony's Arts & Science College for women on January 24, 2020, in Dindigul Tamil Nadu India during his WikiMaster Tour in the region.

Why Wikipedia is the greatest tool in the World of Knowledge. WOKworld Foundation Chairman Erik Bolinder explains his admiration for Jimmy Wales and all the Wikimedians who created the Wikipedia system making information available in a split second in a smartphone. Keynote Speech at St. Antonys Arts & Collage on January 24, 2020.

WikiMaster makes Wikipedia more Fun! Erik Bolinder explains to 450 students ar the St Antony Arts & Science College for women in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

WikiMaster: you play Wikipedia. Erik Bolinder at St. Antony Arts & Science Collage on January 24, 2020

WikiMaster cheers from St. Antonys Arts & Science Collage with Erik Bolinder on January 24, 2020, during the India Tour in Tamil Nadu. Goodbye India. We will soon be back! 

WC parvathys girlsinhall IMG 6858 200124
Leaving India with the powerful message of women in education makes a huge impact on society.


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