WOK project summorizes 2019

The World of Knowledge Project moved at a steady pace during 2019. We introduced the web version at Http:/wok.uno and the Community added over 75000 multiple choice questions in the WOK database landing north of a half-million MCQs attached to the Wikipedia articles in the WikiMaster app. WikiFlip surpassed 200000 flashcards. The project Founder Erik Bolinder was awarded "GFEL Top 100 Leader in Education Award. Overall it was a great year for WOK. 

WikiFlip got a well-deserved attention

The WOK project aims to create a school on top of Wikipedia and to combine gamification, learning, and social media. In 2019 some local communities in distant places, thanks to pioneers like Alimi Eyitayo, gathered to meet up to recognize the community efforts and to spread the word about the apps and potential in education. In Nigeria, the first WikiFlip Conference for women was hosted at the American Consulate in Lagos by at an interactive event tagged "Flipping to Learn Everything" hosted by African Women in Technology, run by Ms Eyitayo. The press coverage was great, and many national newspapers wrote about the event, among them Punch: https://punchng.com/wikiflip-to-enhance-learning-through-images/ and The Guardian:  https://guardian.ng/technology/world-of-knowledge-launches-new-app-wikiflip/ 

Jordan Community of WikiMaster formed in Amman at the Hashemite University

In February, the Founder Erik Bolinder spoke at the Hashemite University outside Amman with 25000 Students. This event was initiated by one of the Arabic World-leading Wikipedians: Mohammed Mossad, a student at the Medicine Faculty at the Hashemite University. Mr. Mossad is heavily involved in creating Arabic content to Wikipedia and has created over 100000 articles among the one million Wikipedia articles that have been produced by this Community. Mr. Mossad sees the great benefit of multiple-choice questions on top of Wikipedia. He supports the WOKworld Foundation by participating in the Advisory Board. He is yet another of the growing number of wikimedians that see the great potential of WikiMaster being integrated into the Wikipedia Movement. 

Wikimedian Mohammed Mossad in Amman 190214Mohammed Mossad, a Wikimedian that has created over 100000 articles in the Arabic Wikipedia. 

Mohammed Mossad on the difference between WikiMaster and Wikipedia (English, 36 sec)

Mohammed Mossad introducing Erik Bolinder at KeyNote in Amman (Arabic, 49 sec)

Database of Questions in WikiMaster rises above 500000 

The Community of WOK creates the questions in the pool of questions that the quizzes in the Wikipedia articles are related to. During 2019 over 75000 questions were made. One project that we initiated and support from the WOKworld Foundation is turning old National Exams from the National Board of Education into being available for all students globally in the app. This helps the students to prepare for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology but also Economy and Commerce. Our most dedicated wikimaster when it comes to National Exams questions being put into the database is Urhobotha Barnabas, called Arc. He has produced the major part of the exam questions for JAMB in Nigeria for the benefit of all students in the World. Arc was at the WOK conference in Lagos in 2018 and has helped the project forward while studying to become an engineer. Arc had his share of hardship during 2019 when his parents died, but he kept on working hard for the WOK project, earning him our most profound respect. 

With over half a million questions, we can set the next milestone to 750000 questions. The Arabic part is close to 100000 questions, and this will be reached in 2020. 

Arc Barnabas transfer old national exams questions into the WOK database.  
Arc Barnabas transfers old national exam questions into the WOK database from the JAMB Educational System in Nigeria.

Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm was held in Erik Bolinder hometown and University

In August 2019 the Wikipedia yearly Conference was held in Stockholm. For the 4th time WOK Fonder Erik Bolinder was attending being at Como Lake in Italy in 2016, Montreal in 2017, and in Cape Town in 2018 discussing and networking with the fantastic people who have created Wikipedia. What was unique was that the conference was held at the Stockholm University, the University that Erik Bolinder graduated in 1992. The main reception was in the Stockholm City Hall in the locations where the Bolinder Family had a large factory in the 19th Century. The final Night was celebrated at the Nordiska Museum very close to the parents of Mr. Bolinder lived. So the Stockholm version of Wikimania was exceptional for Erik Bolinder in 2019. Catching up with so many friends from around the globe was also a great Joy.

 Wikimania2019 IMG 7962
Erik Bolinder meets Walaa Abdel Maneem from Egypt with a friend at Wikimania 2019. See more images from the event here

Wikimania2019 at the Stockholm University Aula Magna
The Aula Magna in was a perfect place for Wikimania 2019.

 Wikimania2019 IMG 7984
Joy Agyepong from Wikipedia Ghana reunites with Erik Bolinder at Wikimania 2019.

 Wikimania2019 IMG 8094 2
Peter from Sweden and Emily Hart from the United States at Wikimania 2019. 

WOKcraft presentation in Oshogho, Osun State, Nigeria 

The WikiMaster Community in Nigeria keeps on making evangelistic events about the possibility for Students. In August 2019 the head of the User Group, Mr Ayokanmi Oyeyemi visited NYSC University and emphasized the need to make learning very interactive, easy and highly accessible.

Oshogbo 7 190828
Mr Ayokanmi Oyeyemi, the WikiMaster Community Chairman in Nigeria present the WOKcraft project and the possibilities for students in Oshogho, Osun State, Nigeria on Aug 28, 2019. 

Oshogbo 6 190828
Mr Ayokanmi Oyeyemi is an ambassador for the WOK project since January 2018 and spread the mission of gamification in education.

GFEL Top 100 Leader in the World of Education Award to Erik Bolinder

At a prize Ceremony in December, the Founder of WOKworld Foundation, Mr. Erik Bolinder was awarded the GFEL Top 100 Leaders in the World Award in Dubai. Mr. Erik Bolinder held a Keynote speech and was covering the development of online education, in which he has been a part of for almost three decades. (See the leading Swedish morning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: https://www.svd.se/bors/news_detail.php?newsid=8c9be941-b61c-44de-9726-001447cb0896 )

KD award GFEL Dubai Erik Bolinder frontKD 191218c
The WOK founder Erik Bolinder receives the GFEL Award as Top 100 Leader in Education for his long term contribution to education and learning in Dubai on Dec 18, 2019. 

We thank all of the wikimasters in the WOK community who made 2019 such a very special year! Lets make 2020 even more special. 

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