wok.uno premiere at the Hashemite University with Founder Erik Bolinder

On February 14, 2019 in an official visit to the Hashemite University in Zarqaa, WOK founder Erik Bolinder was invited by the Hashemite University to have a lecture of the project of WOK, World of Knowledge to the Students.  He also met with the President of the University, Professor Kamal Eddine Bani Hani for an hour to discuss the many Challenges of Jordan with Education, Energy, and Water in focus. During the stay, the official WikiMaster Community Jordan was founded by a group of Students around Mr. Mossab Banat. 

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The Hashemite University President, Prof. Kamal Eddine Bani Hani (2nd from the left), explained during the meeting with Mr. Erik Bolinder the importance of global partnerships for the development of knowledge networks, and the investment of modern technologies in education. 
"We must quickly turn to digital learning, currently we have around 500 e-Books available online for students in the University", Prof. Bani Hani mentioned. Our ambition is to have 25% of the Curriculum in e-Books. We hope that the WOK project can bring even more value with the connection to the vast number of MCQ in the database as well as we as a University can help bring more of Arabic MCQ to the content database for us and for the whole MENA region. Prof. Kamal Eddine Bani also invited Mr. Erik Bolinder to Petra and explained how many research projects the Hashemite University conducts to solve water issues by air and distillation of salt water in the desert in agriculture space for the benefit of the Jordan Society. As well as having a solar panel farm at Campus that provide not only the University but the State with 5MW of clean energy. 

- I have always during all my years in the e-learning sector since 1992 emphasis on the environmental advantage of bringing courses to the students and employees instead of transporting students to the classrooms. 

"That's exactly what we have in WOK, World of Knowledge" Mr. Erik Bolinder revealed. The WOK core idea is digitalizing education topics to be available to all users in a fun, easy, and clear way using the recent technologies available on the market. WOK is the project that we believe will be the disruptive force in the educational space and we hope to cooperate with Hashemite University in this fields. 
WikiMaster, Quiz King, and WikiFlip are all mobile applications produced by Wokcraft Inc. in which its core idea is providing a learning tool that is exciting and full of fun to help all users especially students on learning. The visit brought the latest product into the light for the first time in public: The Web version of WikiMaster at http://wok.uno .In this website, WikiMaster functionality previously only available in apps on Google Play and in AppStore has made it a Wikipedia for Students.  In the Browser. With direct links that can be shared and taken for non-registered users of WOk or wokers who have signed up. 


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During the visit, Mr. Bolinder presented WOK applications for students in the Hashemite University during 2 hours. The medical Students showed great interest in the new and intuitive idea of the apps especially after understanding that the amount of the Arabic content in WOK database now exceeded 62,000 multiple choice questions. This part of WOK is now making the Arabic content in WOK ecosystem the second-ranked after English content which exceeded 380,000 multiple choice questions among the total of 466000 MCQs. 

The visit coincided with the recent official beta soft-launch of the web version of the WikiMaster app at wok.uno . The app WikiMaster has got great reviews and over 600,000 downloads in Google Play and AppStore.
wok.uno soft-launched by WOK on WIkiMaster birthday on January 15, 2019. This solution from WOKcraft will make the WikiMaster app available using any browser running on any device, the 7 strokes, wok.uno "WOK dot You Know" is making it possible to use the available features of taking a test on any subject on Wikipedia so far without the need of downloading WikiMaster app from the mobile stores. All functions available in the apps are not yet finished, but all basic functions are already in place. Wikipedia users have got a new dimension on a laptop, stationary or Desktop Computers on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Safari or any web browser used on computers. 


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Students gathering ahead of the presentation from Erik Bolinder, Founder of WOK. He gave the book Factfulness to Mr. Mossab Manat as a token of appreciation for founding the WikiMaster Jordan Community within the Arabic Content Club at the Campus. 

In a meeting with Mr. Mossab Banat, the Arabic Content Club on the internet head at the University, Mr. Bolinder also officially launched the WikiMaster Jordan Community and user group which will start working now on spreading the idea and enriching the Arabic content of WOK. Mr. Banat is a highly regarded member of the Wikipedia Community and has made over 150000 edits on the Arabic Wikipedia. He has created over 800 articles and 500 of them are in the important and popular Medical Field. This is a natural environment of Mr. Banat since he is a Medical Student on his 4th year at the Hashemite University. 

Overall: The visit successfully spread the idea of the ecosystem of WOK, World of Knowledge, and to enrich the Arabic content which is very important for all knowledge seekers and for students, just like what Wikipedia do! With WikiMaster hybrid of facts, encyclopedia, social network and gamification a unique mix of academic value and learning fun has been created in an environment where the mobile smartphone is becoming a smart phone: Wikipedia + Facebook + Quizzes + Gamification = WOK, World of Knowledge.
A small but accurate equation describing the idea of the WOK project. You can read a Wikipedia article, answer multiple choice questions linked to it, challenge other WOKers for play fun, share results on different social networks, chat and find any previous National Exam to practice ahead of an exam. The solutions are endless. WikiMaster helps students reach their exams. And WOK Community is built on the same share system that has given us the best thing on the Internet for knowledge: Wikipedia. 


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Erik Bolinder explains the importance of turning access to information into Knowledge. "What's stuck in your head will bring you insight and wisdom. You cant Google everything you need to know. Facts are the key for everything. And if you just need to take one word from this presentation it is the Word: "Facts", claimed Erik Bolinder in front of 70 Students. And the foundation of facts is Wikipedia. That's why it's so important as a global project. 

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