WikiMaster joined Wikimania 2018 Conference in Cape Town

Wikimania is the annual conference celebrating all the free knowledge projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. WikiMaster and WikiFlip were represented in Cape Town on July 18-22 by WOK Founder Erik Bolinder. 

Apart from Wikipedia, there is many affiliates projects within the umbrella of the WMF: Commons, MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki,  Wikibooks, Wikidata, Wikinews, Wikiquote,  Wikisource, Wikispecies, Wikiversity, Wikivoyage, and Wiktionary and many more. This year Wikimania was held in Cape Town on July 20-22, 2018 with three days of conferences, discussions, meetups, training, workshops. Hundreds of volunteers and Wikimedians from around the world were gathered to cheer and develop the Free Knowledge and to discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, meet old and new friends and exchange ideas.

WOK Founder Erik Bolinder had the honor to participate in this annual conference for the third time. It was a good chance to make WikiMaster app awareness spread out more widely to the Wikimedia Community and to get new insights from the movement with lectures and presentations. Also, there are a lot of new places for WikiMaster to host events, Conferences and quiz-a- thons with more wokers joining in to enlarge the Wikipedia usefulness for students like the WikiMaster contests held in Lagos, Nigeria during January 2018


We hope to reconnect soon with lots more Wikimedians and new wokers around the globe making WikiMaster and WikiFlip app more widely spread as the Nr 1 mobile app/tool for Students using Wikipedia. 

Sree Sreenivasan is a social media guru from New York (Twitter @sree) and he gave WOK great feedback on the app WikiMaster and on the social networking issues. Friendships made. Constant improvement.

Delegates from France, South Africa, Uganda and Israel copperate to solve a simplified solution for language in Wikidata. Globalization and collaboration in work.

We found WikiMaster brochures from WikiArbia 2017 in the Wikipedia Egypt desk. 

Sumit Surai and colleague Amanta Mondal from Wikipedia in Kolkata, West Bengal, India visited the Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town.

Liang from South Korea was just such a joy to meet again. Enthusiasm defined!

Andrew Lih is the administrator of Facebook Group Wikipedia Weekly and he wants the Wikipedia Community, in general, to be more active on social media and had invited the social media guru Sree Sreenivasan to have a presentation on how Wikimedians could be more active. It will not happen overnight since most Wikimedians are by nature introvert and not in favor of social media.

Local Students from Cape Town had a great time at Wikimania 2018. More Africans will create and edit Wikpedia articles for the local stories to be told in both english and local languagues. 

Always a pleasure to chat with the Executive Director of WMF Katherine Maher

Wikipedia T-shirt with all the names from around the world.

Many sessions with great many new learnings.

Walaa Abdel Manaem has done great work for Wikipedia Arabic in Cairo. The first time we met despite we both has been in Cairo for a long time.

Wikipedia South Africa team in focus.

Wikipedia Executive Director Katherine Maher was happy for her Nigeria National Team Shirt, a gift from Olaniyan Shola, Wikipedia Nigeria User Group.

Two of WOK best supporters: trustee member James Heilman and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales had a chat. We had the privilege to inform that WikiMaster is the only Wikipedia app that work in Turkey who has banned Wikipedia since May 2017. Now WikiMaster is a backdoor to free knowledge in Turkey.

Distinguish members of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Stella and Joy from Wikipedia User Group in Ghana want to invite us to host a Contest in Accra to host a WikiMaster Event.

Wikimedians from Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq were all excited to hear about the 250K who downloaded WikiMaster in MENA countries and how many questions created in the last three months: 15000 questions added to a total of 34000.

Swedish Wikimedia Sverige presenting the next years' city to host Wikimania 2019. And asking people to avoid the Surstr√∂mming. 

Erik Bolinder with Rahul Deshimukn who is the Wikimedia India chairman in Mumbai. We hope to co-host a WikiMaster India Contest soon. 

The South Africa Wikipedia Chapter who hosted a magnificent Wikimania before taking a group pic with Jimmy Wales and Katherine Maher.

Wikipedia has its own app in Play Store with lots more downloads than WikiMaster. A bit sensitive to the fact WikiMaster had a better rating score in Play Store. A polite discussion but no hugs. A new function for editors was explained. 

Wikimedians from Ivory Coast, Botswana, and Ghana around Sweden. 

Group pic after closing ceremony with the 600+ Wikimedians gathering in Cape Town 2018. 

Time to wrap and go home! Until Aug 14-18 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden where the Wikimania 2019 will be held.