Offline learning with WikiMaster

The WOK project continues to move forward in our ambition to create the Knowledge Network. Many functions, design improvements, and content are added without big announcements or press releases. The ability to learn from Wikipedia offline is such a function.

In many countries where the bandwidth is a scarce resource and wifi is not available everywhere and download Mb is measured in currency, the ability to download Wikipedia articles for offline reading is of big use. In WikiMaster 3.31 WOK introduced the ability to download articles from Wikipedia to the device for reading. The only thing the woker needs to do is to mark articles as favorite and the article will download in the background. We have limited the use of images in the background to be downloaded. But the practical use for many millions of school students with limited access to school books to download articles while on public wifi and then read them on the bus back from school or at home with no electricity makes this function very useful. 

This is an example of how we at WOk tries to widen the use of WikiMaster as a tool for the World Students with Wikipedia as a base. Wikipedia Official app has had this function for a long time. So this is not an innovative function as such. Wikipedia Official app has no Quizzes. No Notes and No Booklets (They do have Reading List Synchronized, but not Playlist using others).

And has by June 2, 2018, a less good rating in Google Play (4.4 for Wikipedia Mobile app versus WikiMaster 4.5). We hope that Wikipedia one day would embrace and officially support the WikiMaster app and officially recommend it. Until then we continue our efforts to build the Knowledge Network WOK with Wikipedia as a core source for learning information. 

The Offline function is of great use for the World Students. The Quizzes is of great use for the World Students. The Notes function is of great use for the World Students. The Quiz Store is a great use for the Worlds Teachers. Having said that: Without the millions of hours of hard work from the Wikipedia Community creating the online encyclopedia, WOK would never have been able to add value to the World Students. Wikipedia is the Nr 1 source for information online. Now you can tap the articles to your Android device and read them offline in WikiMaster while enjoying the apps other functions as well. Download links in the Footer.  

"congratulate you on your continued success and note that it sounds like
you are already in touch with the right people and are on the right track.
Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales in a mail to WOK Founder Erik Bolinder on May 23, 2018. 

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