Google login is now the fastest way to login to the apps in WOK

The login process has been simplified in the WOK ecosystem of apps during spring of 2018. Now you can either login with email, Facebook or the latest added function Google. 

Of the 3 options you have, the fastest way to use is Google. If you have a Google account; You can click once and you are in the app a flash. If you have a Google account. If you have signed up with the email of your Gmail account before. Your account will be the same if you log in to WikiMaster through the new Google option. 

Login and Signup is the same button with Facebook and Google and it will be the same procedure. 

Currently, by April 8, 2018, WOK has introduced the Google login in following apps :

WikiMaster for Android from version 3.27
WikiMaster for iOS from version 2.33 
WikiFlip for Android from version 1.10
Quiz King for Android from version 2.09 

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One click on Google Login and you are a member of the WOK community.

WikiMaster in Google Play
WikiMaster link in AppStore: