BBC West Africa follow up on WikiMaster Contest with news spot

The World news agency BBC has a new division in West Africa with a special target for young people in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries in the area called BBC Pidgin. As earlier articles in the Journal has reported, the WOK Founder Erik Bolinder was interviewed while he held the WOK Conference in Lagos. Now BBC has completed the report in a 2-minute spot. 

In the spot, the WikiMaster Content Contest winner Ms. Olawatoyin Ombebe and the Founder of Wikipedia User Group Mr. Shola Olaniyan summarize the great benefit of WikiMaster for the Nigerian students.

If you have heard and spoken Queens English before, the time has come to listen to the West African version :-) 
The spot can be seen at this link:


 EB Erik Bolinder BBC interview Lagos 180201
Erik Bolinder being interviewed by BBC. 

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BBC Pidgin is a relatively new service in Nigeria and the app has just been published in Play Store and has only reached 500 downloads. (March 2018). 
Compared to the WikiMaster which has passed 500000 downloads.