Wikimedia Commons authors in more focus in the WOK apps

The images used in WOKcraft apps are from the fantastic Wikimedia Commons library. The images are both beautiful and descriptive. The images should not reveal the answers but give a hint of the question. During February 2018 WOK team enhanced the magnification of the images in all apps so the juridical minimi level was raised to give the authors even more credit but also enhanced the apps function, feel and enjoyment. 

The apps became much better and released the power of the images much more than before. If multiple choice questions are the the cream of the cake to Wikipedia articles, the images to the questions are the topping of the questions in the same way. Images, wikis and questions are a unit in the WOK ecosystem. That makes the experience and knowledge exploration in Wikipedia better. 

In the WikiMaster app we recently added over eight (8!) new ways to magnify images. When you magnify an image you also see the license from Wikimedia Commons used, the author and the date it was uploaded and link to the rules for license. This was existing in the app before this enhancement, but not as clear and wide as after the improvment in 3.25 and higher. See FAQ nr 94 on the WikiMaster site

The same idea was implemented in WikiFlip in version 1.10 in Home and Review mode. 

And in Quiz King we added this function in Review mode and during play in Quiz Battles in version 2.08. 

In the iOS versions for iPhone and iPad we have implemented this improvement in WikiMaster partly in Home screen. We will continue this improvments during March and April 2018. 

WOK love the images of Wikimedia Commons and respectfully ackknowledge the licenses. Enjoy this functionality improvements along with the respect for the photographers contribute to the Wikipedia movement. 

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