Awarded delegates at the WikiMaster Content in Lagos

The first WOK Conference ever held took place in Lagos at Goethe-Institut on Jan 29-31. The delegates from Nigeria and Edo State studied and learned about the app WikiMaster and after the Event two of the delegates was awarded with scholarships for their contributions with a partial funding for coming to Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town and for a 3-month internal scholarship at WOK Production team in Cairo.


The Delegates that was awarded was: 

WM Event scholarship Wikimania Ayokanmi Oyeyemi 180131

1. Scholarship in Cairo: Ayokanmi Oyeymi 
Motivation: For his compassion and understanding of the WOK project alongside the mission for the Wikipedia User Group Nigeria and enthusiasm shown at the Event in Lagos in combination with his many ideas for improvement. Ayokanmi Oyeymi will be awarded Scholarship of a Cairo Internship at the WOK Office in Cairo for 3 months to assist the team of Content Managers with his knowledge and insights to strengthen the Nigeria related content in World of Knowledge. 

WM Event scholarship Wikimania Oluwatoyin Obembe 180131

2. WOK Funding for Wikimania 2018 trip to Cape Town: Oluwatoyin Obembe 
Motivation: For her strive to learn and the firm enthusiasm and dedication in the creation of over 170 good multiple choice questions during the Event in Lagos bringing the seed for the Foundation of major content for Wikipedia Users in Nigeria Oluwatoyin Obembe is awarded a scholarship of 500 USD primarily intended to fund a trip to Wikimania Cape Town in 2018 for the yearly Wikipedia Conference among Wikimedians. 

WM Event selfietime 180130

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The Jury: Erik Bolinder, WOK & Sholu Olaniyan and Olatunde Olalekan Isaac from Wikipedia User Group Nigeria.

President of Wikipedia User Group Nigeria congratulates the Scholarship Award Winners 2018
Sholu Olaniyan, The President of Wikipedia USer Group Nigeria during WikiMaster Contest Event in Lagos during Jan 29-31, 2018

 WM event image Eventbride 180103d

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