Pics from WikiMaster Nigeria Contest Event 2018 with Wikipedia in Lagos

WOK has held its first Conference in Lagos, Nigeria in association with Wikipedia User Group Nigeria on Jan 29-31, 2018. Here you find some pics and summary of this successful event.

The Event WikiMaster Nigeria 2018 Contest was a Conference held at the Goethe-Institut in Africas largest city: Lagos, Nigeria in end of January 2018. During the three Day Event, the students and delegates were gathered by the host of Wikipedia User Group Nigeria and the World of Knowledge Project. The aim for the Event was to create a wider understanding of Wikipedia as an educational tool for students in Nigeria and to create Nigeria related content on WikiMaster, the app from WOKcraft that have quizzes on top of Wikipedia articles and make learning more academic and fun with Wikipedia content.

The Event was a huge success in numbers of delegates signing up, media coverage across the Edo State and in National Press, TV, radio for Wikipedia and for WOK. After the Event was over, a National quiz Contest took place in Nigeria in the app WikiMaster. Most delegates at the Event was later in the top leaders of the competition of getting one million WOKbits as fast as you can by answering and creating questions in the app WikiMaster. The Event in Lagos was also a huge success in the number of Nigeria related questions and quizzes created by the delegates. 

The win/win situation for the Wikipedia Movement and the User group in Nigeria (WUGN) ambition to enlarge the content of Nigeria and West Africa related articles in Wikipedia can be illustrated by one of the delegates commented on day 2: 

- I found it much easier to create multiple choice questions on top of the Wikipedia articles than start to edit and create new articles on Wikipedia. But after creating a number of questions in WikiMaster, the leap to create an article or to edit an article on Wikipedia feels much smaller. This was tremendous fun to learn about and I will for sure bith create more questions in WikiMaster and edit Wikipedia articles as a wikimedian. The app is a great way to use Wikipedia for students." 

WikiMaster aims to be the best Wikipedia app on mobile phones and tablets. This Event gave us great opportunity to work closely with a group of students and to see the learning curve, the use and to hear feedback on the app. The knowledge on how to create good questions is an art that can be taught and just as Wikipedia article follow practice and guidelines, also covered during day 3 at the Event by WUGN, the creation of a good multiple choice question, the tagging process (to put the question into a context and relevant articles) and the illustrations of how to make 

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First day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

First day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

Sholu Olaniyan, The President of Wikipedia USer Group Nigeria made the initiative for the WikiMaster Contest Event in Lagos held at Goethe-Institut in central Lagos on Jan 29-31, 2018

WOK Funder Erik Bolinder surrounded by the young generations of progressive female Nigerians working to create content for academic use in Wikipedia and in WikiMaster.

Press conference in front of two tv-stations, two radio stations and two national newspapers by WOK Founder Erik Bolinder and President of Wikipedia Nigeria Mr. Sholu Olaniyan answering questions about the cooperation in order to enlarge the content of Wikipedia in Nigeria and the usage of Wikipedia in Nigeria and West Africa. 

Press release to get participants aware of Wikipedia, the event in Lagos, the National contest, the app WikiMaster and the WOK project at large.

A press coverage of the event where founder Erik Bolinder appeared on the evening news. "Group plan to grow African content on Wikipedia" was sent during 2 minutes on the Primetime same night at TVC Channel with 100 million viewers across all 36 states in Nigeria making the Event the most successful Wikipedia event in terms of media coverage ever in Nigeria. 

Explaining the cooperation to get Wikipedia usage growing in Nigeria with more related content in Wikipedia aswell as multiple choice questions to attract the younger generation for educational purposes to the press.

Second day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

Second day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

Group pic of all delegates on Day 2 with the Founder of WOK Erik Bolinder surrounded by enthusiastic students creating 400 questions in the Nigeria article.

The delegates paid full attention to all the functions described about WikiMaster as a tool for learning while active participated in creating multiple choice questions (MCQ)

Olatunde Olalekan Isaac is the Deputy President of Wikipedia User Group Nigeria and explained the aim for Wikipedia to enlarge the content relevant to the Nigeria people in order for Nigerians to enlarge the use of the encyclopedia. 

Founder Erik Bolinder explaining WikiMaster functions, design, features, hidden tricks and content search for delegates and the Wikimedians at the Event. Here Ayokanmi Oyeyemi from WUGN got his answers. 

Ayokanmi got 70000 WOkbits during the three days playing challenges and creating questions in WikiMaster. He later won a scholarship for 3 months in WOK Production team in Cairo for his efforts.

Third day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

Third day of the Event WikiMaster Contest Nigeria 2018

On Day 3 it was an early rise for participating in The TV Morning Show Wake Up Nigeria is reaching 18 million viewers in the Edo State near Lagos. Olaniyan Sholu and Erik Bolinder were interviewed for 13 minutes on Prime Time 07:40 in the morning by the morning show hosts and telling about WikiMaster and the National Contest.

Radio media was also interested in Wikipedia turned into the fun. The station 98.3 made a live interview for 15 minutes with Founder Erik Bolinder and President of WUGN Mr. Sholu Olaniyan. Prime Time coverage again when people were on the way home from work at 17:45. Sholu told the listeners of "if not a marriage, but of a HOT DATE between Wikipedia and WikiMaster" and Erik Bolinder told the radio listerners to "download the app, BUT NOT while on the road: Hands on the steering wheel. I know you want, but you have to wait". 

WOK Founder Erik Bolinder took the opportunity to interview all delegates on stage on day 3 and to record their feedback and impressions. Here with Femi Royal. 

Irene Ubani was happy with 400 multiple choice question in the Nigeria Wikipedia article that was produced by her and the other delegates created during the event. 

The day after the Event, BBC Nigeria picked up the story and made an interview with Erik Bolinder about the WOK project and the Nigerian Contest for BBC West Africa. 

This was the start of the Nigeria WOK Community Group (NWCG) that will grow over time and make WikiMaster an app for all Students across Nigeria using Wikipedia with quizzes. Alongside the existing Wikipedia User Group Nigeria. WOK hope to see more national communities in more countries as it grows.

All delegates got a T-shirt as a memory from WikiMaster 2018 Event

Mrs. Safarat at the Goethe-Institut in Lagos supported the Event in Lagos by the generous possibility of hosting it in the Facilities in City Hall. 

Selfie time with a smile and a Batman angle. 

Wikipedia Nigeria banner wraps the Event. Time to go home. Until next time. 

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When the Event started the Wikipedia article about Nigeria in WikiMaster had 86 questions. After the Event wokers could enjoy over 500 questions (!), thanks to the delegates enthusiasm to learn and having fun while creating questions in WOK.  In the article its clear that content on Wikipedia for Nigerians is missing. Politics of Nigeria was an article "missing" as one example. The Wikipedia User Group in Nigeria encourages students to write more Wikipedia articles. This would enhance the Google Search hits and get Wikipedia even more used in Nigeria when students google for information related to their studies. The quizzes are one means to reach this goal. 

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