The Great Year of 2017 for WOK in numbers

The World of Knowledge project at large had an really successful year. With all our common jointly forces of involvment, passion, energy, love and commitment WOK ,with the WikiMaster app as the core, made some MAJOR landmarks during 2017. Thanks everyone in the World participating for making the year such amazing for this social project!

 In the end of 2016 we had moved from zero to 125000 downloads for our app WikiMaster. Now we passed 400000 downloads (400K) for WikiMaster on December 23, 2017. Growth is picking up. 

Speaking of 400K: Last year we had 330000 multiple choice questions in the database. In December we passed 400000 MPQ ! In over 182000 Wikipedia articles. Massive!

WM screen 4millionT 400KQ 171231b
All these qustions need to be correct, indexed and illustrated by the members of the Community: The WOKers. So the questions end up in correct and relevant Wikipedia articles.

The amazing thing with wisdom of crowds and the Collective Forces joining in in creating something for the common good : 260872 new tags (Wikipedia articles) where added during 2017 to the questions. A total of 1369941 connections between Wikipedia articles and the WOK database of questions now exist at December 31 2017. Any knowledge written in Wikipedia will over time have multiple choice questions. For academic enhancement making it easier to go to University and for the cheer fun of trivia as such being a boost. The avalanche is Rolling. Just as Wikipedia was really good in 2003, two years after launch: Wikipedia just became better and better over time. The same with WOK.

Last year 56K of the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) had an image: Now over 128K of the 400K has an related but not correct answer revealing image. (From Wikimedia Commons) 

With all this efforts done; WOKers are playing Challenges and Take Quizzes in an accelerated rate: Compared to 94K in 2016, 1.2 million Challenges played in 2017. A twelvefold increase! 12X!

4 million questions taken in WOK was passed around noon on Dec 30, 2017!

Last year WOK had four languages. In 2017 we added German, Spanish and French Questions this year to the existing English, Arabic and swedish parts. Some parts of WOK, such as the swedish part are not accelerating as fast as we hoped for due to lack of content managers but the move is on. 

WW fb cover 1000x400 160904
We aim as humble as we are (!) for one billion wokers. Its a big goal. For sure. How to eat an elephant? Bit by bit! Every single new woker joining in is a thrill to us and we move one step at the time. App/Apps shall be easy to use. Beutiful in design. Logical to find around. And lightning fast when used. Inside the app and in connection with servers. Content shall be relevant, fun and accurant. An encyclopedia is not built in one day. And the same with the cream on top. The Quizzes to all human knowledge take time. Holes to be filled. Academic wikis as well as entertaiment biased shall have MPQs. The API from Wikipedia is above our powers to improve but everything else is up for grabs. Every single day our small but dedicated team in Cairo and Stockholm and in Accra and elsewere improve things we and the wokers see needs to be improved. And the wokers adding in from all over the World. India. Algeria. Egypt. USA. Nigeria. Ghana. Mexico. Singapore. Oman. Iraq. Ghana. 

It's a thrill to upgrade the best thing on Internet yet; Wikipedia to be more fun and give Knowledge a boost by being as addictive as social media by actually be social media. And see the challenges. Some warm and heartful love. As every venture encounter; Some progress and some temporary setbacks. We love you all. In a World of Darkness: Be the light. This encourage so many that love knowledge and are engaged in the Passion for progress in the Intersection of Gamification and Social Media and Learning. The skepsis of making learning fun and have academic value at the same time is a sometimes a mental barrier to overcome.

New goals are set for 2018! New magic things will happen! Enjoy the ride with us! Conribute with playing challenges and create questions and quizzes. 

Did we mention the sibling to WikiMaster WikiFlip passed 100000 downloads. With just as good grades as WikiMaster? We managed to have not only one but two success apps in the WOK ecosystem in 2017. 

Feel free to download WikiMaster and WikiFlip apps in Google Play and AppStore if not yet done. 

WikiMaster link in AppStore: 
WikiMaster in Google Play

We at WOK team wish all of you a great 2018! We know already its going to be great!  

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