WikiMaster Contest in Lagos on January 29-31 2018

World of Knowledge (WOK) will host its first conference in Lagos on January 29-31 in cooperation with Wikipedia Nigeria User Group.
The Event is to promote the Wikipedia use for schools in Nigeria and West Africa in promoting the vast useful content of Wikipedia for academic use in collab with a combination of quizzes on top of Wikipedia articles. The Event will also host and be a kickoff for a WikiMaster competition in the app WikiMaster, the core of the Knowledge Network WOK. 

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WOK is a humanitarian social project that aims to enhance global learning and knowledge with gamification of Wikipedia. WOK team has developed apps for mobile smartphones that use Wikipedia as a base with Quizzes from WOK on top of the articles. Today WikiMaster is the main app in the ecosystem WOK has created with a jointly Scoreboard/ Leatherboard system where the users, the wokers, gain points (wokbits) answering multiple choice questions (MCQ) related to Wikipedia articles. Wokers play quiz games by taking quizzes and play with other wokers in WikiMaster. The app notifies on the action taken by the WOK community just like any other social app.

WikiMaster is hence both a tool for knowledge, a social network for quizzes and learning as well as a tool for academic use enhancing schoolwork for any student in the World. Fun is just added to the learning process. If you need to prepare for an exam like SAT to go to University or just have a fun trivia time. All knowledge by man covered in Wikipedia will over time have a quiz in WikiMaster. 

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The wokers create the content (MCQs) in WikiMaster just as Wikipedia users create articles in Wikipedia. All the now over 400000 MCQ that the community jointly has created in over 152000 Wikipedia articles so far has a history of creation. The wokers can take questions and trace and see the development of these questions being edited and improved by different members by indexation (tags) and illustrations (images from Wikimedia Commons). All MCQ can be wrapped in Personal Quizzes so quiz can be targeted to a specific age group or class. Over 3000 Personal Quizzes is already in WikiMaster free to use for the wokers. Just as Wikipedia is commercially free from ads, WikiMaster is free to use and have no ads or commercial obligations. 

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During the WikiMaster Contest Nigeria Event in Lagos on January 29-31, the WOK project will be presented by the founder Erik Bolinder and his team. It will be hosted at Goethe Institut by Wikipedia Nigeria User Group and WOK. The entrance will be free. Those who want to participate in the Contest (two categories) can come to the Event in Lagos or participate by read the rules and download the app. The best way to join is to download the app WikiMaster in Google Play (or AppStore) and join the Community to learn more. 

- We believe strongly in Wikipedia as a core tool for schools. The Students all over the World is already using Wikipedia as a source for learning and tool for filling in the knowledge gaps. In the academic World there has been an unnecessary distance between teachers need for tools enhancing school goals for pupils and the students need for easy access to relevant content helping them forward in their education.

WikiMaster brings a full version of Wikipedia and adds a tool for both more fun learning of facts but also a very strong portfolio of tools for teachers to use in collaboration with the students. WikiMaster Contest Event in Lagos will be an Event that we will use to bring these Worlds together: The Wikipedia as the de facto Nr 1 Schoolbook in the World and the need for validation of facts being learned by students in symbios with the WOK database and ecosystem for quizzes in the Knowledge Network WOk. We hope this will open up the eye for the technical tools being in every hand with the educational system in Nigeria and West Africa in particular, says Erik Bolinder. 


Welcome to the first Conference with World of Knowledge and welcome to Goethe Institut in Lagos on Jan 29-31 2018!

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Schedule of WikiMaster Nigeria 2018

Rules, Categories, and Prizes for Participating at WikiMaster Contest

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