WikiData suggestion to implement Wikipedia and WOK

WikiData turned 5 years in October and is turning Wikipedia content into a better searchable database and are simplifying language translations. WOK project is a Wikipedia based project that also aims to enhance the usefulness of Wikipedia. This article discusses on how to handle MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) in the environment of Wikipedia with API and synchronization with the World of Knowledge (WOK) project.

Wikidata ( acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia and other projects initiated and run by the Wikipedia Foundation (WMF). WOK is a project that works in making gamification on Wikipedia content. By adding quiz and Social Media related user experience on top of Wikipedia articles and images. The app WikiMaster ( is the core app in this project also including WikiFlip (  and Quiz King (

Now WOK present the idea to incorporate multiple choice questions (MCQ) into the WikiData in order for the community of Wikimedians to contribute to the language expansion of WOK but also enhance the possibility to use the content more open in line with the Open Source Strategy of the Wikipedia movement. 

The Wikipedia Germany Charter has started to look further into this in collaboration with the long-term Wikimedian Magnus Manke. Among many of his Wikipedia accomplishments: Mr. Manke who wrote the first German Wikipedia article. He now has a project ongoing to get Wikipedia into this idea of quizzes. The founder of WOK, Erik Bolinder met him in Cambridge in September 2017. Mr. Manke understands the efforts done by the WOK team in Cairo and the value of having multiple choice questions on top of the articles. 

- Imagine a world with all control questions left out in school textbooks and realize this is where Wikipedia stands today and you see the educational value of adding them in the Wikipedia environment, says Erik Bolinder  

WD Qs tab filled 171026c

The pure data of questions would according to Magnus Manke is to be saved in a "WikiData environment", like the design suggestion above making it easy for wikimedians and wokers in collab to translate the MCQ  into more languages. Currently, WOK community of wokers has created enough questions in WOK for 6 languages open already). 

The Wikipedia Community at large has not yet understood the importance, complexity and focus points of this project. We at WOK were happy to introduce the project at WikiArabia this week and we hope to present the project further in upcoming events. Since Wikipedia with quizzes is "Wikipedia 2.0". The upgraded version for a generation used to digital devices in their hands and gamification. It does not reduce the taste of Gin (Wikipedia) if you put tonic water (MPQ), lemon (Notifications) and ice (social media): Most people, if not the Wikimedians will enjoy G&T even more than the pure Gin. 

If the World Students can learn and enjoy all the efforts and knowledge put in by the Community in Wikipedia even more; this world is a better place.

WOK work in the intersection of Knowledge and Gamification. The Wikipedia Community does not have a focus on the Social Media aspect. With an integration of questions into Wikipedia, most Wikimedians (people in the community of Wikipedia editing, updating and monitoring the facts in Wikipedia articles) would be aware of the benefit for the academic use and enhance the Wikipedia awarness around the globe. 

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