Expanding the Knowledge Network WOK into the Nr 1 School platform

The ambition of the World of Knowledge project (WOK) is large. To become the gamechanger in the education industry online WOK aim at making the WikiMaster app the epicenter of the development in the smartphones across the World. WikiMaster new module is under development in a semihidden fashion. A soft launch with great implications. 

WikiMaster is the main app in the WOK project and has connected Wikipedia articles with multiple choice questions thus making the Wikipedia learning experience much more fun and with a higher degree of academic value. Just like a textbook in school end chapters with questions for students to reflect on what they have read in order to confirm that the knowledge is learned and the facts remembered in order to draw conclusions and get the overall context, Wikipedia gets better by the WOK questions related to the articles. 

Wikipedia has not been focused in this area. This is where WOK come in and have made a long-term effort to fill this gap between the articles and the possibility for students to reflect on the content and learn more by taking multiple choice questions with the WikiMaster and WikiFlip apps. 

WikiMaster app and the sibling WikiFlip app is Wikipedia refined. It's an upgrade of Wikipedia. We at World of Knowledge has the outspoken ambition of being "Wikipedia 2.0". To reach out and make gamification a natural step for the academic World to embrace learning in the digital age. To be the disruptive force in the online education industry. 

Some movements are not seen until it's clear they have arrived at the destination. 

There is so much to do in the public sector of education. Things are starting to move in the right direction as you can read a bit about in the article about US Education Efforts are moving by Bill Gates (Oct 19,2017). But lots remain into taking the digital age into the educational sector on a level we have seen the it-revolution transformed other industries. WOK ambition is to transform the learning industry by adding the game factor as a natural part of the knowledge creation process. 

Turning education into a game and transform the Academic World by making learning facts an epidemic like Pokémon Go, Snapchat or Facebook would be the disruptive force we yet have to see in the interception of digital technology, social media and Wikipedia. This is the focus of the WOK: World of Knowledge project with app WikiMaster.  In collaboration of Creating the Knowledge Network not only US schools would benefit but the global focus on education. 

WikiMaster as a teachers tool with Personal Quizzes

During the last week of the team development, the app WikiMaster has got an uplift in the Personal Quiz sector. Teachers can create multiple choice questions quizzes by picking questions from the Wikipedia articles and create their own set of questions (a "personal" quiz) to the group suited for an age group, a class etc. Like "Renaissance for 5th Graders"  or "Einstein Relativity for University level". Certifications for company employees. Anything that needs to be tested and proved to be known can be used in WikiMaster in the section of Personal Quizzes. 
This Section of WikiMaster is now also developing a set of Quizzes been put into Courses and then into a Curriculum. 

So as the vision for WOK to become the future of the school in a handheld device like a smartphone: the school of the future will be in one app with all the necessary content to learn: Today assembled in Wikipedia and then make the knowledge certification process out of this app into the Knowledge Network WOK. 

The process continues with the creation of the Knowledge Network. With the wokers jointly efforts. With the team in Cairo and Stockholm processing WOK forward. With the aha-moments in the hundreds of thousands of wokers downloading the app. And by the students who want to get into University with the preparation of the national exams now being a part of WikiMaster. 
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- WikiMaster is an app created by WOK that enhances Wikipedia by adding academic value on top by adding multiple choice questions on every article
- WOK is a global educational project with WikiMaster as the main app
- WOK working in the intersection between knowledge & gamification
- WOK has beside creating WikiMaster also made WikiFlip as an even easier entry app for making Wikipedia content more accessible for a generation used to fun on a mobile phone
- If Facebook is a global Social Network and Wikipedia the Nr 1 a global encyclopedia: WOK is the Knowledge Network mixing Wikipedia and Quiz with educational purposes 
- Up to date (October 2017) the WOK community of wokers have created 400000 questions in 6 languages in the WOK ecosystem of educational apps 
- In a recent update of WikiMaster national exams in different countries is added making the app even more useful for studiyng purposes 
- Teachers can pic questions from the Wikipedia articles and create own tests/ quizzes dependning on difficulty levels needed for target group (students) with Curriculum

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