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Meet Muskaan Mahakul, a 14 year old girl from Bhopal with ambition, curiosity and crave for knowledge. A symbol for the power of learning. Hear about her encounter with her new favorite app WikiMaster.

Muskaan Mahakul is from Bhopal, India. A place on earth more known for the general public as the location for one of the worlds worst industrial disaster back in 1984. That was very long time ago. Today: Bhopal is hopefully soon more famous for hosting the symbol of Indias bright and young generation and prosperous future. And what more symbolic is a young girls strive for knowledge. With a smartphone in her hand making learning more fun. 

Erik Bolinder (EB), founder of World of Knowledge had a chat with one of the fast movers in the Scoreboard of WOK about her encounter with the WikiMaster app. 

EB: Hi Muskaan! Where are you from? 
Muskaan Mansoor (MM) : India 

EB: And where in India is that? 
MM: Bhopal. 

EB: What grade are you in?
9th grade

EB: Do you have siblings?
MM: Yup. A small sister.

EB: How did you come across Wikimaster app from World of Knowledge and become a devoted WOKer? 
MM: I saw this app while downloading Wikiflip. I downloaded it 10 days ago. (End of May 2017)

EB: What makes the app so fun that you have taken over 6000 questions in only 10 days?
MM: I get new information and knowledge on new as well as old topics.....and yes competition....🙌🙌. Competition which encourages and enrages me to take more ques and ensure better results......and also to create better and leveled questions to help others to gain xtra knowledge as well as to flourish their old........🙂

EB: All of us in the WOK team working in Sweden and in Egypt have noticed your strong efforts and are inspired by you! I was in a panel debate in Madrid this week on a Digital Enterprise Show and mentioned you as an good example for true inspiration to the WOK project! 
MM: Thx!

EB: How come you are so curious and devoted to learn?
MM:  I'm a avid reader and learner. In the future I want to become an IAS Officer, (Note: Indian Administrative Service, IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States governments and public-sector undertakings.) which is the most prestigious job in India. Its requires a lot of hardwork and learning. I need to be updated with current affairs and a lot of genearl I'm trying to make it my habit as early as possible.....and yes I am a very curious person....I like gain knowledge on every possible matter and topics........😊

EB  As being 14 years old now; What are your goals for your future?
MM: For my future? Apart from being a IAS Officer: I am thinking of microbiolog or aerospace.
By the way: Would you suggest me weather I take Aerospace engineering or Genetic engineering (biotechnology) as my branch. What advice would you give me?

EB: For your future? I would think Genetic engineering spontaneously. 
I believe the Space is great, but microspace is greater. 
And for the next 50 years, so much more will probably happen in biotechnology than in aerospace. 
But of course ; thats My opinion and you asked for it 👌🏻😊🌅
MM Thank you.......I believe that too........but.....what are the job opportunities and scope in the field of biotechnology??.....

EB: I think there are many oppertunities today and even more in the future. I believe India will have a great industry with science search in this field and that things will be discovered for the benefit of your and future generations. 
MM: Ok!

EB: You have already also created over 60 questions in WikiMaster. Now anyone can take them by going to the wikiarticles in WikiMaster. I noticed from earlier discussions that you read the guidelines in how to make the multiple choice questions:  
MM: Thank you

EB: ...among many questions made: You made excellent questions in many articles, as for example Malnutrition.  Back to one of your questions you created about this subject:  
MM: Yes

EB: When you wrote this Q:
"In which of the following countries is the maximum proportion of deaths of children below the age of 5 years directly associated with malnutrition?
How do you know the other countries other than India are not the correct answer?
MM: In India, 67% of all deaths of under-5 children is caused by nutritional deficiency. India is closely followed by Bangladesh (66%), Nepal (65%), Vietnam (56%) and Pakistan (55%)......therefore.....the other options were incorrect. 

EB: Did you add Malnutrition as a tag, connecting the Wikipedia article to the questions you created in all your questions about Malnutrition? (so the wokers will have them in the quiz when they visit the article)
MM: Yup

EB: Great. I would like to make an interview and a blog post about you and put it on our web. Is that ok? 
MM: Sure! 

EB: Fantastic!  I hope I will not get beaten to hard by you in the challenges! Nice chat with you and please keep sending us feedback on how we can improve the app! 
MM  I will !
[2017-06-08 15:24:25] Erik Bolinder: Bye for now! Chat later in the WikiMaster app


WOK Awards MM 170608The Awards Muskaan Mahakul has made in WikiMaster in less than a month is impressive! 
She is now WikiMaster in more than 100 articles. With over 500000 WOKbits she is already a Senior WOKer. 
Anyone in the World can achieve great results by simply playing. And have fun while doing it!
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