Disruptive Education Panel Debate in Madrid

The Founder of WOKcraft Erik Bolinder was in Madrid on May 24 for a panel discussion regarding Disruptive Eucation at the Digital Business World Congress 2017. 

Erik Bolinder joined in a Panel discussion on #DES 2017 Digital Business World Congress 2017 in Madrid on May 24 on the topic Disruptive Education with Hazel Swayne from Hyper Island and Susan Fonseca from Woman at the Frontier. 

On the topics dicused where the disruptive issue of where Education from a HR level and a state school level is in need to go in the future. Hosted by Lluis Altes from DES2017 Organization the discussion took place at the Imaginary Arena in Hall C. In the new landscape of the Digital Revolution now emerging, Education is among the last industries to transform into digital even thou the elearning industry has been established over two decades. Erik Bolinder was mentioning this in the debate stressing for the education sector to be a part if the gamification movement that so many other industries have joined. With WOK as a project, this is exactly the transformation process in the forefront. 

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The intersection of World of Knowledge approach for the Knowledge Network WOK with WiiMaster app as center for the digital revolution in learning. 
"If the students find their Educational Snapchat without being told from the Top of the Educational System on what to use and love, we will have a real gamechanger in the Educational Space. So far the elearning system has been introduced Top Down and something mandatory to use will never be the cool app to use. WOK use a dufferent approach to get the dopeamin kicks from Likes throu Notifications making Learning an addiction as a social platform" 


WOK DES2017 Erik Bolinder 3 170524
Hazel Swayne, Erik Bolinder, Susan Fonseca and Lluis Altes at stage on #DES2017. 

WOK DES2017 Erik Bolinder 9 170524

Erik Bolinder and Susan Fonseca from Woman at Frontier ahead of the debate. 

WOK DES2017 Erik Bolinder 7 170524
Hazel Swayne and Susan Fonseca discussing Education Transformation at Digital Business World Congress in Madrid. 

A full transcript of the 30 min debate can be found on Facebook: 


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