WikiMaster quiz app: Now open globally in AppStore and Google Play.

Now we have open the WikiMaster app to be available in every part of the World. Both in Google Play. And in AppStore. So its World of Knowledge for real. Get WIkiMaster to your device now!

May 17, 2017 was a big day for WOKcraft and the launch of the app WikiMaster in AppStore was done. WikiMaster, the main app in World of Knowledge ecosystem for knowledge and quizzes has been in development for some time.
The quiz app has earlier been released in selected countries to test functionality, design and to trimmed to be as good as an app that improves Wikipedia needs to be.
Some of the WOKers to be that have heard about the app have not been able to download it.
Now we have come to the point where we officially launched the app on a global base so anyone can download WikiMaster. 

Currently, WikiMaster is in 1.96 version in AppStore and in 3.14 in Google Play. The different version numbers are the only indication of Google Play making a faster approval and therefore more versions have been sent over the course of time. Same functionality applies. See more on for specific version updates. 

Welcome to download WikiMaster at following links !
WikiMaster link in AppStore: 
WikiMaster in Google Play:

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