Erik Bolinder Milestones

Read more about the milestones of Erik Bolinder, Founder of World of Knowledge. 

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WOK history of World of Knowledge and WikiMaster
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2019. Erik Bolinder wins the Award "TOP 100 Leader in Education" by Global Forum for Education & Learning, GFEL in Dubai and Klick Data wins "Top 50 Organizations in Education". The WOK database passes 500000 MCQs. Klick Data new LMS is launched.  
2018. Celebrates 30 years of marriage to Ulrika Bolinder, Founder of Bolinder Stockholm
2017. WikiMaster reaches 4 million multiple-choice questions (MCQ) taken, 400000 downloads and 400000 MCQ in the database. French, German and Spanish added. 
2016. Launching WikiMaster on Jan 15, the Day Wikipedia turned 15. 125000 downloads the first year. English, Swedish, Arabic language launched. WikiFlip app launched. 
2015. Launching the WOKwiki app, later renamed to WikiMaster.
2014. Rebuilding the WOK System with a new team still in Cairo. 
2013. Launched the first version and some early versions of what will later become WikiMaster built by OT (Old Team).
2012. During a Segway Polo Event in Beirut, Erik found a partner who helps him set up a team and operation in Cairo for building the Knowledge Network.
2010. During his travel around the world in his search for a team to materialize WOK, he plays Segway Polo with Apple Founder Steve Wozniak who loved the WOK idea.  
2009. Erik Bolinder announces his vision and plans for World of Knowledge (WOK). 
2007. Klickportalen K3 nominated to the best platform for learning in Sweden CMS Awards. 
2004 Klickportalen K3, a Learning Management System for learning is introduced. Klick Data pivot to Software as a Service towards B2B. 
2003. 1.3 million copies sold in Sweden in a 9 million population market. Klick Data listed on OTC. 

1997. Klick Data becomes a public company and makes an IPO. 

1996. Klick Data turn VHS business after 89 productions to cd-rom and release over 250 cd-rom titles during the coming years becoming the Nr 1 video tutorial education company for computer training within the next couple of years. Third child Anton is born. 

1994. Launched video tutorial "Introduction to Internet", the most sold educational video in Sweden of all time. 435000 copies sold and distributed.  
1993. Klick Data won Computer Sweden Awards for best educational video tutorials. 
1992. Pivot Klick Data into VHS computer-based training company. Graduates from the Stockholm School of Economics as a Bachelor. Won 2nd Prize in SvD competition for his graduation works on "Services as packed products" together with friend Aje Stenbeck. 
1990. Daughter Sophia was born. 
1988. Got married to Ulrika and they had their firstborn son Markus. Founded Klick Data.

1985. Met his future wife Ulrika at a golf club party. Founded his first company and met the Apple CEO John Sculley at Millesgården during a presentation and consequently bought his first Mac, a Mac II. 

1984. Spending 6 months in Munich learning German. 

1983-1984. Served in mandatory Military Service in Arvidsjour, Sweden as a Jäger( Infantry)/ Ranger. Survived -47C in a mission behind enemy lines during practice. 

1981. Exchange student in Michigan, USA for a year and during this time developed his first software in Pascal during Senior Year in High School outside Grand Rapids.

1980. Erik's father Carl buy the first home computer, an ABC 80, manufactured in Sweden for his accounting business. 

1970. Starting school in central Stockholm in the same school as his mother Ulva was a teacher. 

1963. Erik Bolinder, an entrepreneur in the e-learning business and founder of WOK, World of Knowledge was born on Nov 26 in Stockholm, Sweden. As the 7th generation Bolinder from Stockholm. 


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